Michael Jackson Loved Mortal Kombat

Add Mortal Kombat to the video games Michael Jackson was into.

The recollections of the recently-deceased pop star continue to make the rounds in the media. And video games have gotten another mention, even though we weren't asking this time.

Author Paul Theroux recalls in today's U.K. Telegraph a phone call the writer had with Jackson that turned to the topic of dealing with the aftermath of the rush of performing on stage...

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UnSelf4538d ago

Remember the other day you asked me what the definition of Irony was and i said............

Bnet3434538d ago

Damn, that's cool MJ. Kind of wish he was a normal human being making music still.

timmyrulz4537d ago

So did alot of children mmmmmm interesting...............

The Dark Knight4537d ago

everyone loves it lol doesnt megan fox like it to ?

Bumpmapping4537d ago

He also loved Babytality......

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The story is too old to be commented.