SCEA online director: Changes coming to PlayStation Network

What's going on with Sony's online plans? GamePro speaks with Susan Nourai, the senior director of the PlayStation Network, for a peak at what's to come for PSP and PS3 owners.

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MaximusPrime4294d ago

despite being an englishman, it is good to hear what this person has to say.

Can't wait for this HOME.

BrotherSic4294d ago

"in our four months with over 600,000 registered accounts" does that mean that over half of PS3 owners havent signed up for online play?

do you need to sign up? just wondering

VirtualGamer4294d ago

Yes in order to play online and access the store etc you have to create and account which is part of creating your PSN id.

SmokeyMcBear4294d ago

I think you need to sign up if you want to connect to the internet, use the playstation store for demos and games.

Torch4294d ago

(Hungrily rubs hands together as he anticipates the next firmware update.)

CAPS LOCK4294d ago

so is HOME only coming to the US or is the beta version only coming to the US?

mattkelly19914294d ago

Home is coming to Japan, Europe, and America. The Beta however is going to origin at North America, and slowly work its way outward until the real version comes out. Dont worry, you will get to go home.

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The story is too old to be commented.