Carmack: Quake, Quake 2, RAGE Coming To iPhone, Quake 3 Possible

John Carmack of id Software spoke to Multiplayer over the phone today to talk about "DOOM Resurrection," (impressions coming shortly) but he couldn't help but talk about future iPhone projects that id is working on:

"There's no doubt that we'll go through 'Quake' and 'Quake 2.' I think that I can probably manage to do 'Quake 3' on the conventional iPhone platform, if Apple winds up addressing just a few things in their system software. When you start looking at the 3GS, ['Quake 3'] would not be a problem at all.."

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Ghoul4536d ago

and here we go...


its allways so sad seeing how some sellout these days. All i want need and expect from id software are Future and industry leading technology and the brutal gritty doom + co. universes.

FantasyStar4536d ago (Edited 4536d ago )

Agreed. Is id in such a pitiful state that they have to rehash old games? And the iphone no less. It's hard to stomach one of the greatest PC devs of all time turn into this.

ChampIDC4536d ago

At least they're rehashing good games. On the bright side, it may help fund future projects for us hardcore gamers. Is that really a bad thing?

PS360WII4536d ago

They are still making new and improved games but it is nice to see them branch out on the mobile phone. They are doing the classics for a few reasons one to get better at developing for the iPhone so they can make new games for it and also a little extra revenue ;) and to give the iPhone some kick butt games