Second Life banned in Australia

It was confirmed by Australian Minister for Censorship that online games such as Second Life is banned in the country. There was confirmation from Censorship Minister Stephen "Goebbels" Conroy and according to his spokesperson it was added "under the filtering plan, it will be extended to downloadable games, flash-based web games and sites which sell physical copies of games that do not meet the MA15+ standard." The MA15+ means restricted to those people ages 15 and above.

The Australian rating is different because it doesn't have R 18+ or rating for computer games. All games for adult are place in RC or Refused classification..

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edgeofblade4535d ago

Good to know if I ever get tired of freedom, I can go to this family values hell hole.

4535d ago
Azures4535d ago

America, still the greatest country in the world.

Coming Soon: legalized pot

kevnb4535d ago

they wanted to legalize pot here in canada, but the americans made such a big stink about it that its only been decriminalized.

Azures4534d ago

decriminalized is good enough.

karan86244535d ago

I would hate to live there, they censor EVERYTHING.

Leathersoup4535d ago

They managed to ban it just in time! One second later and the Australian people might just start thinking for themselves....

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The story is too old to be commented.