Grim Future Predicted For PS3 and Xbox360

The PS3 and the Xbox 360 are facing a grim future according to a leading games expert. The future will be multi processor machines such as as a bog standard gaming PC.

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Dlacy13g4255d ago

High end consoles aren't going anywhere. It's big business..with tons of money to be made. Developing for consoles will become even more enticing with the onset of HD tv's being the standard and the next round of consoles is just about 4 years out...which will be just about the time that the PC games are well past them in high end games...but the 360 and PS3 will still compete with PC's for one simple reason...Only one set of hardware specs for either console to develop for, where as PC devs need to make games that have a wide variation of low end and top end machines they work on in order to get a large buying audience. Things like LIVE and PSNetwork will be even more robust and offer up that easy to use interface which is what gamers want.

Hell, I could be wrong...but for my two cents I think the high end console is here to stay for a long time.

The BS Police4255d ago

In fact, PC's are far more unreliable platform for games in my view due to having to constantly upgrade every 6 months, aswell as having to install games all the time is annoying.

Consoles are far more simplistic and can save you more money if you wanna play the latest games on a console.

Thats my 2 cents.

dantesparda4255d ago

Damn you people are ridiculous! So now its "6 months", you have to upgrade your PC every 6 months now, before everybody on this site was claiming 1 year, next it'll be 3 months, soon you's will be saying everyday. Listen why dont you kids just stop with your pure ignorance. YOU DO NOT NEED to upgrade your PC every 6 months or year to be able to play games. YOU DONT!!! now if you want the fastest framerates, then yea, you may get tempted to upgrade about every year or so, but you do not need to upgrade to play games every year. I have a 4-5 year old PC that'll run every game out there except for Rainbow Six Vegas, thats it, thats the only game i cant play after 4 to 5 years. And guess what kiddies. It can draw graphics BETTER than the 360 (higher res textures, better bumpmapping, etc..) at frames between 25 to 60 frames and more! (95% of the 360 games run at only 30 frame per sec) Most of the games that are on the 360 i can get to look better on my PC with almost the same framerate or even better on many occasions. So dont give me this, "you have to upgrade" bullsh!t, cuz its not true! and you's are making yourselves look stupid saying it. And this other bullsh!t notion on this site that you have to spend $2000 to $3000 on a PC to outperform a 360 is just ridicuolous! I can put together a system for like 700-900 that'll smoke the 360, but what else should i expect from a bunch of consoles sweating kids. I swear this site is just like politics. Just all this spinning and bullsh!t and half truths and straight up side taking, and hating

overrated4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

don't make me Laugh

Extra Guy4255d ago

A famous quote which fits the moment:

"Where do they get these analysts and experts?"

BIadestarX4255d ago

You may have to hire experts to find answer to that question.

Merovee4255d ago

Has noone told him that both systems ARE multi-processor machines?

EZCheez4255d ago

Hi John Romero! What have you done for me lately? Nothing?


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