NBA Portland Trail Blazers Channing Frye Plays WoW

Channing Frye who plays professionally for the NBA Portland Trail Blazers admitted to play World of Warcraft during his recovery from an injury to his ankle. He has two level 80 characters no less.

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Medievaldragon4177d ago

Rock on. Many celebs are coming out of the closet and admitting they are WoW addicts. One has to question if they do it because they are gamers or because it is a great way to reach 11.5 million fans worldwide. Great advertising for singers and actors.

Fyzzu4177d ago

"Coming out of the closet"? Really? You say it like it's something to be ashamed of.

Medievaldragon4177d ago

lol, not exactly a shame but not all celebs talk about what they do with their spare time, or are too strict and silent on what they do. So when a celeb says "I play this game" -- it is big, and make players go "OMG" he plays the same game I play.

Maticus4177d ago

With that many subscribers, it's no wonder there are a few celebs among them.

I bet several A-listers do it too, they just won't admit it.

Dorjan4177d ago

A listers wouldn't have time. I mean seriously, with what they have to do the only time they could play games like WoW is when they are out of action.

Malfurion4177d ago

Are you kidding? Top celebs seem to have loads of free time, if they want it that is. When was the last time we saw Julia Roberts or Demi Moore? Even the cast of Friends has vanished from our screens for the most part with the exception of Jennifer Aniston.

Granted, I can't see many of these people playing WoW, but you never know - Mila Kunis does!

MetalGearBear 4177d ago

that reason Blazers lose playoff.
that sad!!!!!

-GametimeUK-4177d ago

A celeb plays wow... im not suprised... its a great game