Report: Arcade Games on the Rise

The arcade games industry is undergoing a muted resurgence amidst the ongoing next generation console war. Following a substantial price hike in shopping mall floor space and increased competition from games consoles, the number of US arcades plummeted to as low as 2,500 in recent years, down three quarters from 10,000 sites during the industry's 1980s peak. However, a revival has seen that figure rise to 3,500.

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Armyless4258d ago

One flat fee, all the arcade games (retro and new) you can play. (Not to mention some pretty cool VR custom stuff)

tomfoolery4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

some of my fondest memories from childhood is that thirteen year old
kid sweatin over a video game cabinet in 1983 kicking some Space Invader/Galaga ayess.
I hope those glory days of gaming can somehow return.

I'll start saving my duckets now.

kamisama4258d ago

if i think about it arcades are on the rise again i go to dave and buster, boomers, and this new arcade that opened in the mall near my house and every time i go there always packed but i like boomers the best they have it set where on wednsday, thursday and saturday you only have to pay $10 and you can play all day so ill go with friends around 10 am till 1 or 2 am and we try to see who can beat the most arcade games plus they have a rollercoaster and gocarts wich are fun.