Halo Reach To Be Visually-Inspired AAA Title

Bungie's propaganda for achieving world domination comes one step closer with the next iteration of Halo, titled Reach the game not only rewinds the clock to focus on events that crafted the existence of the Spartan program and its subsequent utilization in the war against the Covenant, but also looks to fulfill the promise of delivering a brand new graphical engine that pushes the visual aura of the game to suit the current generation.

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interrergator4270d ago

well theres no doubt about that im excited to see the plot in this

Michael Jackson4270d ago

I'm excited about this too. Just bought a 360 to go along with my PS3. I love it! Stop the hating.

La Chance4270d ago

It looks like theyre doing a complete overhaul. I guess we'll see more next year since its only coming out fall 2010 and MSFT always usually dont hype their games more than a year or a couple of months from release.

And I dont know why but I have a feeling there wont be Gears 3 next year so Halo Reach will have to fill in the slot for end of the year blockbuster...that alone makes me sure its gonna be something huge.

interrergator4270d ago

maybe well see an awesome super bowl commercial like the halo 3 one

JokesOnYou4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Halo3 had the best commercials I've ever seen for a videogame...those Finish the Fight ads with all the epic battle scenes and the old USNC soldier talking about "the war" and how Master Chief saved the day was just amazing, I actually had tears in my eye. Its a little hard for me to talk about...uhm hold on give me second....>>sniff<, err the memories come and go, >>sobs<<, I, I, I, did you hear that?...sorry I can't do this.


Qui-Gon Jim4270d ago

I was very surprised to see a new Halo announced before Gears 3. Microsoft had said shortly after Gears 1 launched that they would be alternating between Gears and Halo each year. Maybe they will release both Gears 3 and Halo: Reach in the same year. They would eat up some of each other's sales, but that would make a killer holiday for 360 sales, especially with Project Natal launching at probably about the same time.

StanLee4270d ago

I don't see how they eat up each other sales. Halo is traditionally released in September and Gears of War in November. Gears of War 2, Call of Duty World at War and Left 4 Dead show that XBox 360 owners will buy high profile releases regardless of how closely they're released. 2010 could be a phenomenal year with Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 as well as what other unannounced projects Microsoft has on the dockets. Maybe something substantial from Rare, finally, and Fable 3.

ShabzS4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

a new graphics engine... that makes me feel gooood

shocky164270d ago

All their games have been AAA so far so I can't wait for this one!

Qui-Gon Jim4270d ago

Yeah, you're probably right. I don't have a 360, so don't pay that close attention to the release dates, but if there's a good separation, that would help. I do think there would still be some people who hold off on buying one because they're still enjoying the other. It may not be a huge number, but there would be some delayed sales.

Jaces4270d ago

Well it's about time. Pretty excited to see how this is going to turn out.

phosphor1124270d ago

That's why they left MS in the first place, to do their own thing, but I'm sitting here expecting yet even more Halo games from them. Everyone has discussed this already, but so far Bungie seems like a one-trick-pony, but they aren't.

Come on Bungie, you are one of the only AAA companies that have made games exclusive to MS...sign up for a new IP and make a great game that once again, wont use the UE3 engine...*crosses fingers*

N4Flamers4270d ago

halo3 canibalized many games, the film industry even blamed it for a lousy box office weekend when it released. It is no secret that too many great games comming out at one time tend to effect each others' sales. I think youre right and MS will probablylaunch one next year and gears 3 for the next xbox, or in 2011.

I still think they shou;d launch gears 3 with the 360 and have an updated one packed in with the next xbox. Probably the xbox galaxie. Just made that up.

king dong34270d ago

i dont think they are myself. unless microsoft really aren't thinking about releasing new hardware for another 3-4 years. if they do build a new engine, and microsoft release a new console in a couple of years, then halo4 will be running on said engine. i cant see microsoft coughing up for two new engines in a couple of years.

if bungie have crafted something new, then expect a couple more halos this gen after halo reach....which is good for me coz i like halo games anyway.

anyway, i'm really looking forward to halo reach and odst. the fall of reach wasn't a bad book(nothing compared to some of the other books i read, but a pretty decent sci-fi novel), and the story could translate into something good. the halo universe is so big, bungie could quite easily leave halo at number 3, and dig into the past to make another 10 halos.....and they would legitimately have more spartans!

Bnet3434270d ago

All Halo games made by Bungie are AAA. They won't stop any time soon. They are a very talented group on individuals and love their fans.

SaberEdge4270d ago

I have high hopes for Halo Reach. I am sure it will be an amazing game.

NewZealander4269d ago

i just bought the fall of reach book so i can learn a bit about the back story before the game comes out, and the more i learn about halo the more i love it, and i dont care what people say, i loved halo 3 and the lighting and colour in that game still impress me, better then the grey enreal engine any day.

more halo please!

The Master Chief4269d ago

If this is true

Everything = Pwned

...but if its not true and graphics barely get better...

Everything still = Pwned


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Meus Renaissance4270d ago

I'll see it when I believe it. I remember how much they sang about Halo 3's visuals in Single Player and we all know how THAT turned out.

JokesOnYou4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

"I'll see it when I believe it."

-That just sounds weird, shouldn't you believe it when you see it?

Well for me, I don't remember them overly praising Halo3's graphics, I think the only time Bungie really came out publicly stating Halo3 graphics will be great is when alot folks criticized the graphics after the Beta started, they said those were not the final graphics and the game will look great, which it did...the HDR is still amazing, I think the art style being totally different(not realistic) compared to all the other big blockbuster shooters is why Halo3 gets alot of hate, for me its part of the charm when I go back to Halo3 every now and then its unique color and art style makes me really feel like I'm playing a totally different shooter. Still I own almost every decent shooter and Halo3 is overall just more fun than ANY of them. Once you learn the nuances of its competitive multiplayer and start to win a bit, its satisfaction is the most rewarding imo. I just wish I had more time from work to actually play enough to stop getting my ass handed to me by 12 yr olds....sadly I'll only be working more as the holidays near but I got a good gig and it pays well.


littletad4270d ago

Bungie never made it out to be a graphics showcase. Instead they delivered an engine that set out to make their game playable and most importantly... fun. The physics in Halo 3 is still some of the best on any console to date.

leila014270d ago

Halo 3 is fantastic on every level, I don't get why so many people hate the game.

Bungie has never disappointed so I'm sure REACH will be good as well.

edhe4270d ago

yeah the visuals in halo3 can still blow the pants off most titles.

It's a shame it's not 720p, but they made the choice to give up on that so that they could get the title out with the HDR. The lighting in the game's tremendous, which is artistically more important than resolution anyway [something i've always maintained].

Better tech begets better art, but better tech is not better art.

peeps4270d ago

"yeah the visuals in halo3 can still blow the pants off most titles. "

they really don't lol but cus it's such a good game it doesn't matter. i mean ppl still play counterstrike lol but for Reach they deffo needed a new engine. i'm looking frwd to it a lot more than ODST anyway

edhe4270d ago


Name 100 titles from this generation (654 titles on 360 + community games [328 currently]) that look better than halo3. Specifically HDR & colour palette use.

Don't try to mock a valid comment.

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really duh4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

What makes you think they're using the old Halo engine despite what they are saying? or working by themselves? You remember what they said about Halo 3? like what HDR lighting?

da720izcumin4270d ago

i mean let's not forget about the x-engine thing...
hopefully, they will improve the graphics much, while also improving on the fun and story (halo's greatest strength).

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Tarasque4270d ago

While i am sure the story and the gameplay will be good. Far as the graphical feat goes i will wait and see on that one.

Mr Remington4270d ago

If they can stick carefully to Eric Nylund's book, then the story should be superb.

I never liked the Halo games, but they make hella great books.

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Halo_FaN4270d ago

Cant wait for this game , as an Halo Fan i only think it will be AWESOME!