THQ turns away from cross platform titles

THQ boss Brian Farrell has told that the publisher will no longer be pursuing a strategy of releasing most of its titles on all platforms as the market evolves.

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BIadestarX4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

oO does this mean... no more wii games!? EA already said they are tired of the wii.

Edit: Circa24, "Maybe you're being sarcastic" I guess, you are the only one able to detect sarcasm. it's obvious that trying to port games does not make much sense as they used to specially due to the different features supported by different consoles. Not all games made for the wii will work property when ported to other consoles or the other way around.

ItsDubC4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Wow bladestar, you obviously didn't even read the article that you're referring to. If you had, you would've known that EA didn't say anything. The research firm Kaufman Bros were the ones who said, "We are getting tired of what we believe is irrational exuberance about the Wii... We are not sure the publishers will benefit from the Wii." You might get accurate news if you actually read the article next time instead of settling for your interpretation of the headline just because it adds to your dislike of the Wii.

If I'm not mistaken, EA is actually INCREASING their Wii support.

Circa244255d ago

Maybe you're being sarcastic...but he said was that they are going to make games for the Wii, and then games for the PS3 and 360. Actually, he said they are going to be putting more effort into Wii than the other systems.

Seems logical to me. I would agree with him saying the gamer audience is much different on the Wii. Don't think it'll win in the end though.

ITR4255d ago

With the Wii knocking on a est. 7 million user install base by the end of April, I think most developers would be smart to increase Wii support.

InyaAzz4255d ago

The three console definately appeal to two different segments of the market. It doesn't make sense to develop a hardcore FPS on the Wii when it will not sell that well compared to an easier to play, more accessible game that takes advantage of what the Wii brings.

THQ is not hating on any of the formats..he's just being smart about how they divide their development resources.

sajj3164255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

I never believed in cross platform games. I just can't imagine how they could churn a quality game spreading across five different platforms. Take any Ubi game that has been recently released. Its bad for gaming in my opinion ....

ItsDubC4255d ago

THQ's making a wise decision in my opinion. The PS3 and 360 have similar capabilities that are far different than that of the Wii. There are Wii games out there that simply couldn't be done on the PS3/360 and vice versa, and I'm getting kind of sick of devs trying to milk the Wii by just releasing ports. Let's see some innovative games that truly take advantage of the Wii's strengths.

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