A Team Fortress 2 Tribute to Billy Mays -Kotaku

Here's a mash-up, Heavy from TF2 selling one of Mays' signature products, Kaboom.

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KionicWarlord2223551d ago



Amazing...this was very nice.

GameGambits3551d ago

Of all the peeps w ho died this week this was the one I cared about. I have macro keys in Metal Gear Online so when I hit F1-F12 it does Bill Mays commercial tag lines and things he says.

I will forever love that mans amazing beard! He makes Zeus look like a prepubecant girl with his face locks of doom!

The Great Melon3551d ago


I agree, I will miss Billy Mays the most. Something about his character (quite possibly the beard) made him stand out and very memorable.

skip2mylou3551d ago

RIP Billy Mays man. his ads made me buy a lot of stuff like Oxy-Clean and this KABOOM!

Bnet3433551d ago

You forgot Mighty Putty! It can pull a truck!

skip2mylou3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

woot i forgot about Mighty Putty. that commercial was funny in my opinion

also *kiss my a$$ Dnagent looks like this got approved u a$$*

iamtehpwn3551d ago

You can mighty putty a god damn horse to a fence.

hatchimatchi3551d ago

yea it's bad that he passed, really entertaining guy and you could tell he really enjoyed his job.

From what i read online, it said he was on a flight, landing in tampa i think, and the landing gear malfunctioned or the tire blew, but it caused to plane to jerk suddenly and some overhead luggage came out and he was hit in the head, in an interview he said he was alright, but then he dies in his sleep like a day later. If his autopsy shows some injury to his head/spine the airline is gonna get slapped with a massive lawsuit from his wife probably.

people have been dying like crazy this past week.

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