ESCA: Blu-ray will be 50% of market by 2012

Blu-ray Disc is not being adopted as fast as once expected, but the format's relatively steady growth remains a huge driver for the home entertainment business, according to Futuresource Consulting. At a presentation at the Entertainment Supply Chain Association Conference here Tuesday, Futuresource predicted that by 2012, Blu-ray software sales will make up half of home entertainment business..

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TheColbertinator4541d ago

That's fine by me.I got an HDTV and a blu-ray player so I have no problem with that.Good article

II Necroplasm II4541d ago

Well don't you feel special =P

KionicWarlord2224541d ago

That`s pretty interesting. 50% ...and by 2012 price will be 50 bucks.

Mo0eY4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

By 2012, Blu-Ray players will be $20 and the standard form of DVD watching or integrated into your televisions one of the two. Right now, I can find a Blu-Ray player on slickdeals for $110.

Numbers aside, Nintendo and Xbox better be thinking of some new space-giving technology if they don't want to pay Sony next gen.

Or hope that Obama's push for higher broadband speeds for the US become more likely. I can't imagine downloading Metal Gear Solid 5 at a 3.0Mbps connection.

-MD-4541d ago

We can only hope they'll be that cheap in 2 years.

KionicWarlord2224541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

Well There`s always going be other formats ,But long,long time from now. DD (digital downloads) will take a long time for it to be on the same level as Bluray. As for speed that`s different story. There`s many different providers in this world . Optimum ultra looks good for america.

Tarasque4541d ago

Well, they really need to drop the price of Blu Ray movies.

dronde4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

Bring it on....

II Necroplasm II4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

I picked up Reservoir Dogs and Universal Soldiers both for 10 bucks a piece. Older movies on Blu-ray is cheaper than some DVD's .

I think the Blu-ray price is fine but yeah cheaper would be nice.

The Great Melon4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

Woo, I love being on campus. 93.87 Mb/s down and 36.55 Mb/s up.

Headshot814540d ago

I bought a ps3 because of the built in bluray, at the time the cheapest bluray player was $350, so instead i paid 399 for a ps3 and it came with a whole lot more). But now i see bluray players for 150(who knows about the quality?), and movies are getting cheaper( i bought the donnie darko 3 bluRay movie pack for $30, godfather collection was $90 and now came down to $60, same for the matrix bluray trilogy). This Stuff is just going to keep getting cheaper.

Syronicus4540d ago

Blu-Ray is all I buy these days. I am not going to watch DVD on my 1080p screen, especially knowing that I can buy BD's for as little as 9 bucks new at Best Buy these days. If anything, the only DVD quality movies I watch are those I watch through Netflix and my PlayOn app on my PC.

BD players can be found cheap these days and BD's can too.

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Sony Rep4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

Anybody buying a PS3 now is buying primarily as a games machine. Either that or your stupid. Consumers can't juggle buying games and blu-rays with how expensive they are.

When the PS3 comes down in price, more consumers will be able to embrace the PS3 primarily as a blu-ray player, as it's the best blu-ray player and best value for buck available on the marketplace. Nothing compares.

DaTruth4541d ago

Bu, bu, but, teh digital downloadz!

Xbox Street Gang4541d ago

haha. 10% for online DD by 2012.

IdleLeeSiuLung4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

"Blu-ray Disc is not being adopted as fast as once expected, but the format’s relatively steady growth remains a huge driver"

So far, not so good....

"Futuresource predicted that by 2012, Blu-ray software sales will make up half of home entertainment business."

A prediction or estimation, not actual figures or anything to back it up.

"The company downgraded its original expectation of 95 million software units sold this year to 75 million at least partly due to weak software attachment rates to the PlayStation 3"

More bad news...

"When the company recently surveyed consumers, 85% of Blu-ray households said they buy discs versus 62% of non-Blu-ray owners."

Translation, there is only a difference of approx. 33% between blu-ray households with intent to buy as opposed to non blu-ray owners. That is really weak numbers, when you consider people that buy blu-ray players are likely to be hardcore videophiles and early adopters. The good news is the overall number is pretty high.

Now I don't doubt that blu-ray will eventually be heavily adopted and successful, but so far it does not sound good. Maybe it is because of the recession and that falling prices will spur sale.

onanie4541d ago (Edited 4541d ago )

Loving your negative re-spin on it.

How can a difference of 33% not be significant? the blu-ray owner's intent is already at 85% (they obviously included PS3 owners, since standalone owners would have a 100% intent). Blu-ray proponents would be laughing to the bank if most of PS3 owners are intending to buy discs.

The initial expectations obviously did not account for the economic downturn, and the revision is to be expected. I don't think that necessarily puts the format in bad light.

MetalGearBear 4541d ago

Sony knew everyone go to die by 2012.

MGOelite4541d ago

lol at least we are all gonna die at the END of 2012

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