super slim laser 10x more storage than BR or HD DVD

Most people have already read many stories about holographic storage and discs containing more than 2 layers promising that would bring us ultra storage high capacities on a CD sized disc, however this has not stopped research into improving the capacity of single layer media. Just when Blu-ray appeared to offer the feasible limit per layer due to the difficulty in focusing laser light to narrower spots without moving further to more expensive shorter wave length lasers, researchers at Kyoto University have developed a new laser that can produce a beam of down to 1/10th the size of that produced by existing laser modules of the same wavelength.

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shotty6177d ago

Never catch on, it's too much space we don't need it. By 2010 these disc will be $100 a pop. It is meant for huge data storage by coparations.

JPomper6175d ago

You can assume that all you want, but I remember when blu-ray was brought about to popular science and the like a few years ago many were saying it wouldn't catch on. Now... it still may not... but at least it's out and marketable.

Fact is programs are getting exponentially larger and we'll need larger storage mediums.

Marriot VP6175d ago

It'll never take off, you think BR is expensive cause it's a rogue format. Holographic won't be needed cause I think we'll use HDD's in the future with DVD-Rom and the internet for games.

PS360PCROCKS6175d ago

yeah me too, but that's still crazy

Dragonopolis6175d ago

Holographic storage can easily surpass the Terabyte mark while HDD still struggle and must rely on RAID systems to provide similar speed and storage capabilities. Also HDD is still more expensive per Gigabyte of storage and not as durable as Flash Rom and Holographic Technologies. As technology gets more advance so does the amount of information needed to tell whatever electronic device or computer what to do. Saying that we will never need a that space is like some computer user back in 1980s saying we never need Gigabyte hard drives. I never dream I would use multiple Gigabytes yet my 200 Gig HDD is half full. Another reason I like Holographic Disk technology is that it can be used as non movable media as well as movable media and most of the expensive part of Holographic storage is reading/writing device and not from the actual storage medium just like what we are use to now. Flash Drives and HDD Pack most of their electronics with the storage so people are constantly buying the electronics where as Holographic or DVD technology is mostly plastic and refractive material and a bit less expenive which is good for consumers. However DVD disk technology will always be limited to the speed of the disk and the ability for the reader keep up with it. Flash Drives are non-movable media as well but are behind in amount of available memory compared to Holographic Disks/Cards. Both Flash Drives and Holographic Disk/Cards are "very" much faster at access times compared to any DVD format which is another reason to go with them. I can't wait for the DVD format to be Killed. Blu-ray and HD-DVD while new are not much different than regular DVD. The Tech giants just improved the laser and the material used to make the DVD Disk.

You could say Blu-ray and HD-DVD is an evolutionary step for the DVD format but hardly revolutionary. Flash Drives and Holographic Disk/Card technology are Revolutionary steps that will take us well beyond 2010. All Blu-ray and HD-DVD did was lengthen an already aging digital storage format.

Its time to kick the habit and look toward the future and it isn't DVD or a derivative of it.

bung tickler6174d ago

this isnt really talking about holographic disks this is saydin they will be using a dvd type disk but with a lazer 1/10 the size of a BR laser thus allowing 10x more storage on a disk the size of a regular dvd so thats a butt load of info withought a compleat media change.

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