PS3 and 360: Would lower resolutions allow for photo-realitic graphics?

Consider this: when you are watching a movie on your TV you are seeing a standard resolution image; assuming you are in an NTSC country that would be 640x480i. When you are playing an Xbox/PS2/GameCube game on the same TV you are seeing the exact same resolution.

Which looks better, the movie or the game? The movie of course.

The truth is that, contrary to what Sony and Microsoft would have you believe, resolution is not the most important factor in graphics quality. As anyone who is into first person shooters on the PC will tell you, the effects are much more important.

Whenever a new blockbuster arrives, be it Doom 3 or Far Cry or whatever, they have to make a choice between going for higher detail settings or higher resolutions. What they've come to understand is that, if you don't have enough horsepower to go for both, it's always preferable to jack up all detail levels to the max, rather than to go for the highest resolution possible.

For games running at 1080p half of that power will always be spent in order to show fine, miniscule details that simply aren't there, because the remaining power isn't enough to produce them. Can you imagine the kind of effects, or the number of polygons, developers could utilize if they were allowed to design a PS3 game running at the normal 480i resolution?

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eques judicii4300d ago

definitely a reason why microsoft called 720p the sweetspot of gaming for this generation. At 720p you are already approaching (except on the largest of screens) a pixel size that is too small for the normal human eye to see! So, why not use the computational power to render realistic physics and textures and simply (at least on the 360, where the hit is minimized) add antialiasing to reduce the jaggies. 720p does not require 14 times the processing power.. it requires less (remember that the original xbox could output at 720p on a few games, so it stands to argue that all the xtra power on the 360 can go to making the details better)

anyhow, sony wants you to buy their TVs so they are pushing the high resolution... microsoft wants to be competitive with sony so they are also providing similar resolutions (same reason IE 7 has tabbed browsing... they want to be competitive with firefox). and nintendo... well... they just want your money.

techie4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Look here this guys argument is flawed..

"It's also absurd to be thinking that just because there are 1/3 the pixels (compared to 720p) that you can draw 3x the polygons, 3x the lightsources, 3x the illumination model complexity or move 3x closer to convergence of the Rendering Equation, or have 3x the information per pixel (as if all this comes for free and there are no limitations here whatsoever). Also, he keeps pretending that the movies he's watching at SD resolution were actually filmed at SD resolution or that there isn't more information present in the image than simply having 150k pixels. Yeah, final image resolution isn't everything, but that doesn't mean that source resolution is meaningless or that simply reducing the final resolution will solve everything."

PSN Starfleets4300d ago

I'd like to know why they can't do both because increasing the resolution primarily it seems is secondary in terms of quality, so why not create the games with great quality and then increase the resolution and make it so they show a simialr seems like its only a question of horsepower?

I don't understand.

techie4300d ago

Well he's saying that the consoles don't have enough power to do both. Think how much power would be left over if you were doing the game in'd have a lot more, so then you should be able to make graphics more realistic...

SomeAnalyst4300d ago

Fantasy-themed games are better in 720p/1080p, but the creator of a realistic-themed game doesn't get the choice of 480i photo textures. I don't get what MS' stakes are. They could get bragging rights on "Photo-textures!", even if Sony is laughing about the 480i. Hardcore gamers have enough discernment to know what's what.

sajj3164300d ago

allow for higher resolutions while trying to get to the point of reality.

BIadestarX4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Yes, but they got a point. It would make more sense to first get to the point where games are photo realistic before trying to increase resolution. If any game can achive photorealism at 480p/480i it would still look better than a game at 1080p. Why? well simply because it looks real. And nothing gets better than real.

But why are company like Sony pushing 1080p so much!? well cause it sells TVs and coincidence or not Sony makes most of its profits on the movie industry, hd players and hd TVs. Does 1080p brings a benefit in terms in the movies and tv side? Yes cause it already reach the next logical step... how about games? Well.. simple answer... 1080p would make photo reaslistic games look sharper but not real. funny... a black and white movie made in the 1950's looks more real than any game today and we are talking about making games sharper?

techie4300d ago

I'll try and find whether this makes sense from the people who know what their talking about..because you may allow for more power by decreasing the resolution, but that doeesn't mean you'll be able to get to photorealistic graphics...I mean some games are putting as much as they can in their game already with the technology that's available now.

Would consoles be able to do ALL the effects in Crysis even if it was a lower resolution?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

why when ever something new comes out all this old school mentality come w/ it.
i remember people hated cd`s when they first came out.
people hated CPU`s when they came out.
people hated DVD`s when it came out.
everyone gave some stupid excuse why it wasn`t needed.
know the focus is high def and bluray.

It`s Better.
get over it.

techie4300d ago

That's not the point at all dude. We all know HD looks better...but what would happen if we didn't aim for HD and aimed lower so as to allow for more fantastic things to be in the graphics department?

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