Japanese analysts want PS3 price cut

Analysts in Japan still predict Sony will give PS3 a price cut this year, even though the firm may be about to reveal encouraging profit forecasts.

"We think Sony will find it hard to get through the financial year (which began this month) without cutting the price of the console, and expect further game segment losses of over $1 billion during that period," said researchers from investment firm, Nomura, who's researchers still expect the PS3 losses to continue for the short term.

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The Real Joker4262d ago

Drop drop drop it like its hot.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

it`ll happen.
my guess is between Sept-Dec.
Those are the best months for ps3.(games,rumble,eyetoy will all be here)

that`s gonna be hard to beat.

@eques judicii
first of all if your even suggesting to buy a core, i`ve won this.
as for the games.

360 has some, all RPG`s and shooters.
Ps3 has variety.and in my opinion better titles.
360 has nothin close to ratchet or sly.
and as for the games that were not seeing stuff for i mentioned.

Sly.(secret suckerpunch project in works since 06)
socom(secret zipper project in works since 06)
and factor 5 has a secret one too.(rogue squadron)

And if you don`t think socom will be announced w/ a date around e3 your nuts.

eques judicii4262d ago

haven't only like 2 of those games actually been confirmed for a holiday release? GTA and Ratchet? i'm not saying some of them won't, i expect uncharted and socom (please let them do something differently this time) but MGS4 and Killzone i don't expect til next year.

Anyhow, i predict that when the ps3 drops price, so will the xbox 360... and then how can you argue with:

halo 3
mass effect
blue dragon
lost odyssey
eternal sonata
too human
forza 2
kane and lynch
... etc

for $199? (core system)

that's going to be very hard to beat

eques judicii4262d ago

why not suggest a core? people buy it... it plays the games just fine... just doesn't have a harddrive, but is the same system. As for the ps3, sony made it more expensive by discontinuing their core.

what's wrong with rpgs? i thought that the 360 only did shooters... in reality it looks like they have mmos (huxley, marvel, DBZ, age of conan), rpgs (lost odyssey, blue dragon, mass effect, and eternal sonata), shooters (gears of war, lost planet, halo 3, and bioshock), racers (motogp, pgr4, forza 2), sports games (all of EA), fighters (senko no ronde, DOA, virtua fighter, mortal kombat, and street fighter), flying games (ace combat, fatal inertia)... what you listed for the ps3 doesn't have that much variety, you listed shooters and platformers, doesn't make your argument have much credibility.

I do think that a new Socom will be announced... doesn't mean the series is all that great... as for sly, sure, one will probably be announced as well...

the argument that the 360 doesn't offer a variety of games is only still used by sony fanboys. Microsoft diversified their portfolio a lot this time around... boths systems have some great games coming out, but to say that the 360 just has RPGs and Shooters is assinine. It's also silly to say that you "win" the argument just because i proposed the core price... the premium 360 will be 300 dollars compared to 500... that's still a huge difference.

socomnick4262d ago

Yea both sony and Microsoft should lower their price . Each by 100 microsoft should keep the core a 200 dollar xbox 360 > wii aka gamecube.

BIadestarX4262d ago

What the @#$%#$. Japanese want a price drop? How about the rest of the world!? They already have the cheapest price for the PS3. Which means, lowering the price in Japan does not necesarity means we are going to get a price drop... Japanese cry babies.

techie4262d ago

Too right blade. UK first please:)

gooner4262d ago

but they have the 2nd cheapest ps3 hk 1st

WTF4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

As long the PS3 keep "selling well" in USA I dont think they will lower the price of the console,the Ps3 in Japan its selling below expectation and if they want to catch the Wii they need to lower the price and especially lunch AAA games ASAP.

ITR4262d ago

The PS3 sales in Japan are slow even with the 20GB still there.

Even if they drop the price, I doubt many Japanese want it.

The Wii only sales for $210 in Japan with no game. Nintendo could drop it under $200, if they wanted.

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