Flaws of the motion controllers

PolarityGamers writes:
All three motion controllers are in fact some form of CGI motion capture. For the Wii, we have two fix IR source for triangulation calculation to find Wiimote's relative position. For the PS3, we have a camera tracking a glowing sphere, and calculate distance base on size of the sphere getting bigger and smaller moving in and out of the camera. And we have Natal, it uses an IR projector to capture a 3D image (much like a radar gun) and use programing to track joints of a person's body.

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Sonyslave33403d ago

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Deviant3403d ago

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DNAgent3403d ago

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Omegasyde3403d ago

I believe that the "glowing" sphere is also Infa red,I believe that the colors reflect a stance or gaming mode.

Natal has demonstrated 1:1 motion tracking yet and quite some lag. Its still in development but from what I have seen I am not impressed "yet".

Sony's lack of support for the Eyetoy in general makes believe they will only throw mini-games at the motion-wands. Nintendo on the other hand was built from the ground up on the motion controls. Therefore, Nintendo won't be knocked from the top from the casual gamer throne.

Godmars2903403d ago

The odd thing is that this "lack of support" includes voice recognition games that could have lead to a hands free UI.

And while Natal wont be short of "carnival" games, its easy to see where MS can do one better with exercise programs with the inclusion of weights and other physical tools.

Jaces3403d ago

Only time will tell. But as of now I'm not impressed with either.

Godmars2903403d ago

Which doesn't stop stupidly fanboy-orgasmic articles such as this from being written.

Jaces3403d ago

Well they have to cling on to something, a bit pathetic really. They act like its the second coming of Christ or something.

Qui-Gon Jim3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

You're getting some disagrees, but i agree with you. I think Sony was testing those waters with the EyeToy, but it got a fairly cool reception. If they had, back then, had the perspective that the Wii has brought to the industry, they could have really captured the casual market that the Wii has now.

There is actually a video from five years ago in which Richard Marks talks about how they were, at the time, working with the exact same technology that Project Natal now uses: the z-camera from 3DV. Perhaps they passed on it because they didn't think it was worth investing in more technology for a market that wasn't (yet) big enough to support it.

If Sony had had the proper vision for it, they would have done a few years ago everything that Microsoft is being praised for "pioneering" now.

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randomwiz3403d ago

"People are lazy, they like to sit on the couch and enjoy their entertainment with a can of beer by their side."

I wouldn't describe us lazy, but I would rather say that most people play video games to relax.

RealityCheck3403d ago

I have a lot of doubts about both Sony and MS motion controllers as far as benefiting non-casual games but at least in both cases it is just an optional add-on.

As long as they also keep making traditional games with the time proven 2 thumbstick controllers, then everybody wins. The casuals get more choice and the traditional players still get to play the way it makes sense for their games.

ngg123453403d ago

So hard. I can't wait to see people reaction 2 years from now. When it gets 5/10 across the board when it releases. Unless microsoft puts in a controller, and has this 'no controller nonsense' it will be eyetoy 2.

Qui-Gon Jim3403d ago

I will agree that it isn't as impressive as shown in the staged promo videos, though.

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