New Forza 2 Images

New images of Forza Motorsport 2 from the Touch & Try event in Japan.

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eques judicii4259d ago

i wonder what the japanese think of forza 2? i wonder if this could sell some systems...

Gamer134258d ago

Very nice screen even thou its from a tv.

IM OUT...///"""

The Shadow4258d ago

Come on out GT5 or i'll shift to forza2. Can't wait to dowload the demo, a day feels like a week..btw the first forza suck,feels like driving on ice, hope forza2 will fix that and fix the AI on hard mode.

JOLLY14258d ago

Just because it didn't feel like you were on rails, doesn't mean it felt like it was on ice. I drive the STi in the game just like I drive it in real life. It feel quite comparable. If you play the game like you drive a vehicle (don't mash the throttle!!!!!), it feels very realistic.

power0919994258d ago


That makes two of us. I decided to give the 05 STi a good testing, and tried to compare it to the real world STi.

I have to say although it felt it understeer'ed a bit too much, the sound, handleing, acceleration, and overall fun factor were there.

Even the stock tires felt right in game.

BIGBAER4258d ago

I had a Boss 429 Mustang back in the day... the car in the original Forza was spot on! It made me miss the car all the more. The "EX" sold it on me. Not thinking kind thoughts at the moment....

I do recall having that "driving on ice" feeling when I played the original Forza demo. It didn't stop me from getting the game however. Once I got it AND LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE.... it was awesome. I played that game steady for over a year!

I can't wait for Forza 2!

Gamer134258d ago

This is from a Tv - look how good it looks.

IM OUT...///"""

BIGBAER4258d ago

The screens do look damned nice! Just about everyone on my Friend's List is anxiously awaiting this game. We all know once we get it we can forget about sleep for quite some time.

Forza 2 + LIVE + Friends = SWEETNESS!

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