Ask a Girl Gamer Debuts

Thebbps: "Everything you always wanted to know about video games but were afraid to ask! Can't get a girlfriend? Don't know whether to buy Prototype or Infamous? I'm here for you. Using my expertise as both a gamer and a member of the mysterious fairer sex, I'll answer all of your questions about games, love, and everything in between.."

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xino4109d ago

I would love this idea: Girl vs Boy Gaming.
Recruit your girl gamers and I/we will recruit our boy gamers. Together we fight to see who would be the best in different sort of games and genres.
Rather than clan vs clan piece of sh* I see all the farking time!

Mo0eY4109d ago

I could totally see this being a video game in about ten years.

ElementX4109d ago

Battle of the sexes is so 1980s.

RufustheSage4109d ago

It may be old, but damn if it's not entertaining.

. . .I may have to try to get something together like that or see if there's something like this around already.

TheAntiFanboy4109d ago

Yes, let's promote blatant sexism. Great plan. That'll totally get the conservative whores in Congress to accept our unique subculture.

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Millah4109d ago

lmfao @ the comments on there, people are such sensitive pricks its hilarious.

njr4109d ago

lmao I know, apparently equality isn't enough...

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NMC20074109d ago

Wow, you must be HHGs biggest fan, got his username, got his pic as your avarar, takes the time to act like you are him, that is true fan, if I were HHG I would be flattered that you care so much about me.

Nike4109d ago

Then HHG must be calling his "homies" to "cap" this "sucka".

Till then, good stuff. Keep it up. :D

randomwiz4109d ago

the real hip hop gamer is HIPHOPGAMER

this dude is HIPH"the # zero"PGAMER

HDgamer4109d ago

I think this is slightly degrading to real gamer girls who just want to be treated like everyone else. Not some special rare breed that people would pay for.

IdleLeeSiuLung4109d ago

From what I hear, and sometimes seen girls that identify themselves as such often gets harassed online. I guess people become pricks online when they can hide behind an IP.

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