Cell to be demoed at NAB2007 for video market

Here's another feather to add to the Cell processor's cap. The PS3's Cell processor is slated for a demonstration at this year's NAB in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4255d ago

people are attracted to the most power.

brianodom4255d ago

working in the motion graphics field, this will be a much needed feather for rendering and other various pc straining methods of 3D-rendering

Bleyd4255d ago

"Mercury is championing the use of the Sony PS3's powerful multicore processor in a variety of non-gaming markets including medical imaging, video processing, and ray tracing."

Ray tracing of all things. I thought ray tracing was supposed to be heavy on the double precision floating point operations and considering that's what the Cell processor is not optimized for I have to wonder what they're talking about.

ITR4255d ago

You can buy an 8 core Xeon Intel Mac now and you can double that next yr.

BubblesDAVERAGE4255d ago

If u understood the cell you would understand that its all about its way to calculate things fast. Also with video streaming .Someone will post it later. The cell will be the in comes in probably 5 years not the cell we know now another beast.( Somone MAke this guy understand)