GTA IV vs. Real-World Comparisons

Various image comparisons of GTA IV vs. Real-World.

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Karebear4262d ago

The one in IV is less complete than the one in real life. Thats the kind of attention to detail that is just astounding. I guess they didn't want to finish the building as they weren't sure what it would look like and didn't want an anomaly in it. Very well done. I hope the graphics don't trump the game play though.

power0919994262d ago

I am going to guess there will be more than one person that says "Don't look next gen to me".

I personally think the amount of detail in many of the new games coming out is just amazing.

Nice job Rockstar!

PSN Starfleets4262d ago

I'm just sad about that lack of sharpness in that trailer in some parts. It looked blurry.

But work in progress i guess.

nicodemus4262d ago

I forget about that. That was on this site a while ago, and there were quite a few pictures. I remember it being pretty impressive.

Did a quick search and found one of them:

kornbeaner4262d ago

Graphics in a driving game are always gonna look better.
GTA has more going on that needs to be accounted for, comparing the 2 is not comparing Apples to Apples.

Newmanator4262d ago

i thought ive seen these somewhere before...