Call of Duty: World At War #1 Player is Ubisoft's New Frag Doll

Split-screen: "Meet Lanai Gara aka Fidget. She's from Oregon, 5'8?, naturally brown and once played Counterstrike for 21 hours straight. The NES got her hooked on gaming, her favourite title being Duck Hunt. Call of Duty 4 became her main addiction in 2007 and with COD World at War, she decided to take her skills further. She became #5 in the world on the Beta in FFA. With the game's release, she quickly shot to #1 in the world before becoming a Frag Doll at E3 2009. During this period, she also co-founded Team V Gaming (the 'V' corresponding to her previous handle - Ms. Vixen), a 120-person strong team."

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Nike4836d ago

My personal fave pic of her. Had me confused if she was an amateur model or an actual gamer.

This was one was just "WTF?":

Carl14124836d ago

Wow, ugly girl is top player in the world.

Thanks N4G

Nike4836d ago (Edited 4836d ago )

Ugly? Er...from which angle?

Also, how she looks is completely irrelevant to her achievements. #5 in COD [email protected]'s Beta Free-for-All Mode, #1 in the world for the full game, creator and leader of a 120-person gaming clan, 21 hours straight of Counter-strike and now joining Ubisoft's Frag Dolls. Beauty is only skin deep but respect is forever (cue corny lens-flare).

Edit - @Carl 1412: Okay man, whatever you say. I was just thinking that any one who can play CS for 21 hours straight and not get bored out of their friggin' minds deserves a stern talking to. But Fidget's so cute, I just let it slide. ^^

Carl14124836d ago

Different tastes...I don't find her attractive at all. 2/10 from me!

And hmmm i wouldn't really call that an achievement. Or not a good one anyway.

Boody-Bandit4836d ago

Yeah I would let it slide as well.

Sitdown4836d ago

Just to mess with you...can't respect be a thing of beauty?...and deeper than the skin?

snipermk04836d ago

but how about she go make me a sandwich? lol.

f7897904836d ago

She has boobs. That's all you need.

likedamaster4836d ago

I am deeply ashamed of myself.

BWS19824835d ago

should post a pic of "his idea of" 10/10. I think collective curiosity here calls for it.


edhe4835d ago

Remember that alot of the folks on here are kids whose only experience of women is porn, and therefore that's what they're expecting to get in life.

Hilarious isn't it?

Wonder if they'll all die alone, or suicide first.

As for the topic - aye she's got holes, works for me!

ravinash4835d ago

A girl whos into games and is kind on the eye.
That would be the dream girl of many guys here on this web site.

Carl14124835d ago

Way to take the piss just because i don't find a girl attractive. I have different taste to you, is it such a big deal?


Yes i guess i am a kid, 17

Honky Kong4835d ago

you gots a twinkle in your eyes for Mr Cliffy B huh? *twinkles*

Carl14124835d ago

No, i prefer Shane Kim.

njr4835d ago

#1 gamer in World at War, nothing to be proud of. Call of Duty 4 however...

XxZxX4835d ago

hey carl, are you just jealous because she is better than you in Gaming.
I'll bone her anytime.

sak5004835d ago

I think carl has "other" taste.

BWS19824835d ago

just curious, indulge us on your idea of 10/10 so that we may experience "your taste" I'm not trying to be an ass, I'm genuinely wondering why 2/10 is appropriate.

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Nike4836d ago

"I formed a team called Team V Gaming which had about 120 players at our peak. Together we ran through the leader boards, taking out one big name after another."

Go for it. :D

Sarevok4836d ago

I'm saying one on one. xP

Nike4836d ago

And I'm saying go for it! :)

Though, she's the leader of said group. And the #1 COD [email protected] player. I think we'd all have better luck just asking her out.

Halo_FaN4836d ago

Hope i will find her on Halo someday :D

BX814836d ago

It's good to see individual gamers get props...As long as it's not Soulja Boyz lame a$$. I remember when N4G was full of those stupid articles.

Nike4836d ago

Out of curiousity, I saw this weird show for MTV Multiplayer (?) recently. And the main guy was Soulja Boy or something. Just who is this guy? Seems like he's another HHG.

PS360PCROCKS4836d ago

Soulja boy is like a 19 yr old wack ass wanna be rapper who sucks yet people still buy his music.

Claudinho694835d ago

except that he really got talent....since he writes and produces his own music and got many hit songs on top 10 already