Guitar Hero 3 online multiplayer confirmed

Speaking to Pro-G today about all things Guitar Hero, Kai Huang, President and Co-Founder of RedOctane, has confirmed that the upcoming Guitar Hero 3 will feature online play.

Fans of the series had hoped that the recently released Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II would include online multiplayer support, but it wasn't to be. Guitar Hero 3 is scheduled for released on all major platforms in winter 2007.

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Torch4261d ago

Even more reason for me to look forward to this game.

I suppose it's not an issue, but I would have assumed that the slight lag caused by online play may have been an issue with accurately timing/synchronizing the music and all the players involved. (much like the split-second timing/accuracy necessary for Virtua Fighter 5 to have had successful have online play - which is specifically why it was omitted, from what I understand.)

Anyway, good to know.

ChickeyCantor4261d ago

nowa days there shouldnt be any lag unless you are still working on dial up or other crappy connections.

StrboyM4261d ago

I have tried my hand at it, but I kinda suck.... one reason is cause playing it alone and sucking at it doesnt inspire you to play more, with online play I will suck with people online YAY!!!

God of Gaming4261d ago

I was really hoping for it to be in GH2, so it is good to hear that 3 will have it.

LSDARBY4261d ago

I will get this for PS3, probably for crimbo

omansteveo4260d ago

Making this for the ps2 also man what a rip to all the people who love this game on ps2.

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