Next Hitman Game Due "Late 2010", Movie Sequel Will Tie-In

Kotaku Writes - The sequel to the Hitman movie, which is still in its early stages, won't be just a sequel to a pretty crummy movie. It'll also be a marketing tie-in for the next Hitman game, which is due out next year.

Variety reports that the movie, which we told you about yesterday, would "contain story elements from Hitman 5?, a game due to be released "in late 2010?.

While we knew the game was in development, but 2010? Handy. Been hanging out for some new Hitman.

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SpoonyRedMage3399d ago

Well the developers are still busy with Mini-Ninjas right now.

HBK6193399d ago

I think I can safely say that I would want 42 Hitman games before Mini Ninja comes out.

Sucks that we have to wait another year and a half before we get another Hitman.

Milky Joe3399d ago

I actually really like the look of Mini Ninjas. I'd definitely prefer a new Hitman though.

Hellsvacancy3399d ago

Ive been waitin day and night since i completed Hitman Blood Money and every year i read "itll b out next spring" or summin like that - i was ready 4 it last year then i read itll b out THIS fall now its NEXT fall sodd Mini Friggin Ninjas i want Hitman V

Chubear3399d ago

Eidos better not pull a Kane 'n Lynch with this title .. OR ELSE! Agent 47's arrival onto current gen needs to be all kinds of Epic.

Chubear3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )


Hellsvacancy3399d ago

Yeah u watch theyll go give 47 a ponytail

njr3399d ago

Blood Money was really good, and the engine it was run on was amazing. Here's hoping for more limits being pushed and even smarter AI.

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HBK6193399d ago

This game coupled with the next movie will be simply AMAZING.

I loved the first movie with Timothy Olyphant and a sequel hopefully featuring him again would be awesome.

A new game that can tie-in but not be a stupid movie tie-in game would be one of the greatest things of all time.

Problem is it is still a very long wait.

FragMnTagM3399d ago

It was one of the rare video game movies that didn't suck.

Let's hope that this game being released with the movie, it doesn't make the game suffer.

Milky Joe3399d ago

In it's self, it wasn't a pretty good movie. If you look at as a HITMAN movie, though, it was god awful. Completely missed the point of the games...

Hellsvacancy3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

But that part were hes havin a sword fight in a train with 3 other Hitmen (which 1 of them was black i thought Hitman was a clone) was AWFUL i came SO close 2 gettin up in the cinema and start screamin at the screen and shouted REAL rude words (that ill get banned 4 if i repeat)

All in all the movie wasnt that bad T.Olyphant wasnt a bad choice id rather him then Vin Diesel

Milky Joe3399d ago

That sword fight was by far the worst part of the film... They pulled effin swords out of the jackets and started fighting??? WHY THE HELL WERE THEY ALL CARRYING AROUND SWORDS???

FragMnTagM3399d ago

Besides Resident Evil, I cannot think of a movie based on a game that was better.

About the sword scene... It was a little strange, but what would you have preferred? Them to drug each others drinks? Or how about them switching each others clothes? I think swords are appropriate enough.

HBK6193398d ago

Yeah true taken as a movie from the Hitman game it was deplorable. But no movie should really be comparable to a game. For example I thought that Max Payne was alright, although NOTHING like the game, but as a movie, was alright.

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ShiNe-Box-3399d ago

I thought this day would never come...

Nelson M3399d ago

Love the Hitman Games
Film was Good Too

Eiffel3399d ago

Who let you out of the open zone?

CaptainKratos3399d ago

is awesome!!!i got it when it came out on PC. i was like ok what do i do.i took the guys clothes off and i was hooked!lol.i too like the movie.though the actor does need some improvements in being and becoming one with THE Hitman.

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