Nintendo Wii: The Wii-Mote Will Be Useless

Nintendo cares about Nintendo. It's the way it's always been and likely the way it will always be. Nintendo has always done what they want to do and to hell with anybody and everybody else if they don't like it. While this may seem like a very appealing strategy for all you take-no-prisoners styled gamers, the reality is that it makes for an extremely poor hardware manufacturer.

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ChickeyCantor4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

=/ this guy is a joke.

"The N64 controller. Seriously, what the hell was that thing anyways? It looked like the business end of a trident. The fact is that controller was a Zelda playing device. There was probably a board meeting at some point in the development where Miyamoto was all, “Look I’ve got this amazing game, but it has a very complicated control scheme…what can you guys do for us?" find the control scheme complicated?...........=/ WHAT?....

"I still have to look at the controller to figure out which one is X and which one is Y."

isn't that your stupidity?

"I ask you: How many games are out on DS that could not function on any other platform?"
....the dual forget the dual screen you ignorant idiot =/
games on the DS that use the dualscreen cant be done on other platforms. It would be impossible.

this guy is full of S*it

He is kinda saying the wii-mote will be useless.....but he also says it will be sold like the DS.......contradictional dont you think?

Maddens Raiders4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

'ol chap -- are you sure you own all systems as you profess or is it just one little cute one? You are a staunch defender of Uncle Miyamoto's li'l system that could I m ight add.

Not that it matters or I really care, just a simple query really. You know my take on this whole "wii" thing a/w so I'll shut up and let you give it a go! Is the wii here to stay or go Gamecube?

Cheers. =]

ItsDubC4258d ago

Remember when Sony implemented Sixaxis IN RESPONSE to Nintendo? Why would your precious Sony care to implement Sixaxis if the Wii's motion-sensing technology is a gimmick? Good thing you have 1 bubble left for a response.

MaximusPrime4258d ago

finally, my prediction came true. Wiimote is indeed useless and it is crap.

you are right PS3fan. ;)

Skizelli4257d ago

How exactly did your prediction come true just by some head-case whining about Nintendo? That made no sense. I take it you didn't even read the article because you have the attention span of a gold fish.

ItsDubC4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

I assume I have 3 disagrees because PS3 Fan does not in fact have one bubble left? Anyone who disagrees w/ me care to answer the question, as I think those who agree w/ me are wondering the same thing I am.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4258d ago

software, are the whole damn systems gonna be " USELESS!"

Hayabusa 1174258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

I may listen to the arguement that the Wii-mote is a gimmick, but coming from a PS3fanboy?...have you ever played with the sixaxis controller?

I have played Motorstorm with the motion sensing on and it SCREAMS gimmick! When people say Sony added it in response to Nintendo, they are NOT talking out their really does feel last minute. Seriouly, I think it's crap. I couldn't even enjoy the game because I was too busy trying to figure out how to steer the damb thing. Thank God you can still use the analogue sticks, but that just proves the more that the motion sensing was simply tacked-on. After playing Motorstorm, I find it hard to take developer serious when they say it adds another dimension the 360 controller doesn't have. I hope other games implement it better. And I hope Microsoft do nothing simular to the Sixaxis.

ChickeyCantor4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

MS has done it before and it sucked back then, i played the demo of moterstorm with the motion.......its really horror indeed 0_o

"finally, my prediction came true. Wiimote is indeed useless and it is crap."
...your prediction came true? this is just some idiot who has his own opinion.

BlazeXXL4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

I agree, motorstorm sucks with motion sensing. However, to base your argument opon 1 single game that doesn't even use it right is biased.

Just look at lair, that's using the motion sensing 100%. You can attack with it, spin 180 degrees by just flipping it, and accelerate by throwing forwards. That's genius, and absolutely not a gimmick.

ITR4257d ago

Thats the issue. No one has really played it..except for some elite few.

So far WarHawk even looked like MS with it's delayed reaction times.
When they showcased the sixaxis it looked bad and when you see the demo of warhawk it looks bad.

Everytime you see the guys working on the game(warhawk) they're not even using motion control.

Hayabusa 1174257d ago

That's why I said "I hope other games inplemet it better".

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bee24274258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

almost all of us are idiots with our own opinion, at first i thought the whole motion sensing thing would be cool but after playin the wii, i dont find it as much fun as it is frustrating and the ps3 is far worse.. my idiot opinion but alot more idiots will agree with the ps3 motion sensing to be a complete waste ... so far

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