New Sony Netbook Costs A King's Ransom

Thought the PSP Go was expensive? You ain't seen nothing yet. When you think of netbooks, what comes to mind? For most people, the answer to that question is a small, low-powered portable computer that is above all else, cheap.

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KionicWarlord2223493d ago

"Having looked at it, I can't quite see what makes the special edition model more special than the regular versions, but I'm sure Sony have a plan. Although, given what some of their recent plans have been like, it might not be a very good one, as a policy of releasing very expensive hardware in a recession doesn't seem to make a lot of sense."

"Still, it makes the PSP Go seem quite reasonable."

Special edition one`s look cool. Price tag not cool.

FragMnTagM3493d ago

What is up with the prices? I want some of the drugs that the person was on that came up with the pricing for these.

KionicWarlord2223493d ago

It would be better to buy the 500-800 one`s. You get more space. But no nividia graphics.


DailyAddict3493d ago

...meanwhile, computer companies such as Apple and smartphone company, RIM (BlackBerry) - none of which are inexpensive - continue to dominate the market despite being in a recession. No matter how you slice it, recession or not, when it comes to electronics people will still shell out some serious cash for the stuff they want. I think the recession is having a larger impact on the Auto industry than any other industry, as people who use to get a new car every year are starting to hold off on doing so. People tend to put something that they can buy outright (an electronic for example) and something that they have to use credit for (i.e. a car) in different categories. No one wants to be in debt while we're in a recession because if you lose your job you just have another huge bill to take care of. As opposed to electronics, it might not be the smartest decision to go spend several grand on it right now, but if you have the cash to do so it's better than having to put something on credit.

The Lazy One3493d ago

Blackberries are pretty cheap now dude. My friend just got a pearl for $50

mfwahwah3493d ago


Those drugs are probably over priced too :(

IdleLeeSiuLung3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

A grand for a netbook! Even Apple wouldn't dream of charging you that, let alone a $2000 special edition one.

I guess Sony needs a little help in market research department....

Bnet3433493d ago

lol $1000 for a netbook. Dude, what the phuck is Sony smoking lol? That's very Apple of them.

beardpapa3493d ago

As much as I thought WTF when they cost $1000, you guys gotta realize when you look at the product in person, the Sony item screams quality. Spec-wise it's roughly the same or similar to other netbooks. Battery-wise probably not as good, but the craftsmanship of the thing and the screen quality is amazing. A similar ~$129 Asus Eee from Woot that my sister recently got can't compare to the Sony when looking at the quality of its build. The Eee is very cheaply made and is what defines most of the netbooks out there. You guys that are constantly bashing Sony for selling expensive hardware ... have you ever come to realize that Sony generally caters to producing sexy-looking hardware for the aesthetic-conscious consumer? Remember the Macbook Air? Remember how much 'that' cost?

masterg3492d ago

Here's an idea... If you think something is too expensive... Don't buy it. LOL at this fixation with the price on Sony products.

Marceles3492d ago

I don't have a problem with a notebook costing $1,000 if what's in it is worth it. My laptop was $1,000 but it has a 1GB video card in it with 4GB of memory and a 17" screen. I guess with this product you're paying for mobility, but I don't know what the point is to buy a laptop this small unless you're 80 yrs old and you're back will break if you carry anything that's 2 lbs.

7thNightvolley3492d ago

wait coz sony has to make consoles cheap does not mean they are a cheap company to begin with ... they made this product not for the masses and its giving it a level of class ... besides sony need to retain their high profile imagine somehow. simply put the product is not for everybody. case closed.

Alvadr3492d ago

Will Sony ever learn? They are so slow to adapt the their environment these days.

People just arnt spending that kind of money on electronics these days.

harrisk9543492d ago

There are NOT netbooks! They are normal spec computers in a small package.

Carl14123492d ago

Price is high but that is sexy as hell.

The netbook ain't half bad either ;)

randomwiz3492d ago

"256GB SSD"
typical sony to release new tech when its expensive.

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

You do know that person is a skinny dude, right?

Ahmad-3492d ago

i noticed an xmb during the video

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FragMnTagM3493d ago

That is Apple type ridiculous there. What the heck are you thinking Sony? That thing better have some pretty nice specs, or what the hell is the point of it?

Pay way too much money for underpowered hardware that is small? I have a netbook, but I only paid 300 for and am quite happy with it. What audience are they preying upon? The people that buy stuff just because it has a pretty shell?

RememberThe3573493d ago

Besides Sony has always had higher prices then it competitors. Stop acting like this is something new.

kaveti66163493d ago

Well, thanks man. That was an excellent justification of why the product is worth it's price tag... because Sony is always more expensive. You should definitely work for Sony. / sarcasm

ButterToast3493d ago

I was messing around with one of these at frys. its a pretty sexy piece of hardware, but its not something i have the money for. then again I doubt that sony is really expecting you or me to buy it. Its for people in a completely different income bracket and looking to use it for very different things than me.

Laxe3492d ago

@ 2.3: Well said! People forget that Sony products (outside the Playstation brand) have always been pricey but generally have extraordinary craftsmanship and are aimed at people who won't really bat and eyelid about the price.

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40cal3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Looks very nice. I am really wanting to know what justifies the $1000.00 price difference?

I would pay a G for this.

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TheColbertinator3493d ago

Ouch! Is there gold dust inside it?

TheBand1t3493d ago

Screw gold dust, it better come with plenty of coke.

KionicWarlord2223493d ago

*looks at bandit*


*walks away very slowly*