Forza 2 demo news: loads of cars to try

Demos are usually short and sweet, giving you a quick feel for the game whilst having incredibly limited options. The developers behind Forza Motorsport 2 want to break this trend and are giving you the chance to try out twenty four different cars. That's 24! People will play this for ages!

Not all of the cars have been revealed yet, but three classes will be available for you to try (that's C, A and R2). Currently we know of sixteen of the available cars. Hit the jump for a detailed list.

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God of Gaming4258d ago

Very Nice!!!!!!!!! I can not wait for Forza 2!

Lygre4258d ago

In PGR3 the F430 was my fav C class car for quite some time, but then I discovered the Ford GT and it was simply quicker on the turns for me, and so I stuck with that. It's gonna be fun comparising the F430 and the Ford GT in Forza 2, and the best part is..they're both in the demo.

I wonder which track they're gonna put on it. One guy I played with last night had played a preview of the game...and he was playing Laguna Seca, so maybe that's the one in the demo as well.

This will be the biggest demo on Xbox Live since the launch of the 360 /if you ask me). And next month, ppl will be playing Halo 3-beta for 3 weeks. My spare time will be called Forza Halo time, now...

wasted4258d ago

i imagen they would be very different, fortza is a lot more sim like than pgr. loved pgr still but will be good to drive a decent sim with cool motors.

cuco334258d ago

i can not wait for this game!!!
baaah! come out with the demo so i can feed my craving!!!

socomnick4258d ago

Cool Hope it comes out soon I wana drive backwards on the race track and get my car demolished.

gta_cb4258d ago

"I wana drive backwards on the race track and get my car demolished."

nice thought lol i will probadly be doing the same to see how they are including damage into this, cant wait to try this out, i was a fan of GT (as i owned a PS2 not an XBox) so this will be fun, also looking forward to seeing the actual game in action, and loving the thought of customising your own cars then selling them online! CANT WAIT!

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