Interview: Rod Fergusson from Epic

For developer Epic Games, it must seem like the next-gen world is at their feet. Their classic franchise starter Gears of War has been an Xbox 360 sensation, they’ve just inked a deal to release a major blockbuster film based on their IP, and many of the big releases of 2007 are using their game engine… not to mention the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Unreal Tournament III. sat down with Epic Games producer Rod Fergusson to have a chat about it all…

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4257d ago

"No, I don’t necessarily see it as something of a limitation. I think anytime you have constraints that is an opportunity for people to innovate in order to make the best game possible with a known set of limits"

that`s the worst thing a dev. could say.

DrHooker4257d ago

It's certainly not the worst thing a dev could say. It shows that the devs are doing a good job. Their innovation has pushed the 360's technical parameters, and they're yet to really be limited.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4257d ago

360 games are short.
not maximizing your content is the worst thing you can do.
i play games for more.
not for the moment.

having no limits is the only way to be completly creative.

it like me tellin you to draw a painting w/ only green and red.
you might hate green and red.

think about it.

DrHooker4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

I'm sure 360 games aren't that short. I haven't heard an uproad about the games being too short. And all creative games are developed under technical constraints. At present creativity/imagination are bottlenecked by technology. I'm not diagreeing that no limits would maximise creativity, I just don't see your point.

If you're wanting to compare 360 & PS3 games, then as it stands the level of creativity is in the 360's favour. But it has to be considered that 360 software is on a more mature platform. The only way for the PS3's visual and creative quality is up, as is the 360's. It's going to be the case of seeing which platform reaches a higher level.

The next wave of PS3 games are going to be telling for this. Evidence of greater creative freedom is Lair with expansive and highly-detailed environments. It's a big step forward from the first wave of PS3 games and there are of course many others coming.

But visual and creative quality aren't the be-all and end-all of gaming; MORE isn't necessarily better. Games can be on a far smaller scale and be just as fun. Look at gears. And with some innovation, who says the 360 couldn't run Lair?

Anyway it's going to be interesting how everything pans out success-wise. I don't think there will a big loser.

highps34256d ago

Wasnt all that interesting either.

Gears is cool.. The weapons blow, the story was to short, but the cover system and graphics made up for it.

Shotgun should have never made it into that game. Whats the point of cover when you can just run at someone and 1 shot them?

Lobby System was/is horrible.

They need to get it on PC.

SlappingOysters4256d ago

The stuff about the movie was what got me excited: I am really keen to see more of the world and the mythology explored.