Microsoft admits flaw in the Xbox 360

After more than thousand complaints of Xbox 360 users, Microsoft has admitted Saturday night that there is a flaw in the Xbox 360. That happened in the Dutch television programme "Kassa". The flaw causes CDs and DVDs that are spinning in the player to get damaged.

According to a press declaration from Microsoft, the Xbox 360 can cause scratches. Initially the company denied to be guilty for the damage. Microsoft kept saying for months that the gamers themselves are responsible for scratches on the discs.

After research on the Xbox 360 it was determined that the scratches occur by the lack of a so called "bump pillows" at the lens. From the data of "Kassa" it would concerns a worldwide serial of approximately 1 to 2 million Xbox 360 consoles.

In the consumer programme "Kassa" Microsoft promised to offer aid to users who have complaints in the form of repairing. It is however not possible to get a new console.

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dalectrics5827d ago mine, no doubt. The noises that came from my old drive woke the dead! Sent it for repair and they sent me a new console within 5 days, so I don't know about the last statement.

PS - tip for scratched discs, clean them with Brasso (UK product - used for cleaning Brass and metals but works a treat - saved me buying/replacing any scratched games)

Babylonian5827d ago (Edited 5827d ago )

The last statement concerns only to Holland i think. Espcially after the waranty of the consumers is expired.

But I think that the reason MS is not giving new consoles is because they had 1000 complaints, I they were to give all those people a new console than that would be a lot of money they would lose. If you look at the alternate scource I provided then you can see the programme. It is in Dutch but it shows the research that is done for the show. here is the link also:

And another thing if I might add. If the console only has that problem then why give a whole new one, just repair the one thing that causes the problem. And that is why they are only offering repair.

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techie5826d ago

That's disgusting dude.

Good news and's all for this site.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5826d ago

It was the doing one one person that 166 about 156 was one person don't try and use this to your PS3 fan advantage.

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bilal5827d ago

what are they going to do about that, release a patch that enables them to run games without spinning.

360 is the crapiest system today, even the ps2 lasts much longer. So when people start talking that a major portion of ps2 sales are due to repairs and replacements, 360 has and would have even a greater proportion.

Ban Me5827d ago

Does it say what drives are affected, or is it all of them.

Real responses please... no fanboy answers.

Cheers ;)

nix5827d ago

i thought they were talking about the "ring of death". but i wonder if they will ever accept that one. would be catastrophic!

Icryo5827d ago

I want to know why the 3 red rings problem arises...