FFXII: Revenant Wings Reviewed

One of the most highly anticipated DS games has seen its first reviews appear in the Japanese press. The quarterly Dengeki DS & Wii Style will go down in history as having provided the first reviews of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII sequel, Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings.

Three editors from the six strong review staff shared scores and opinions on the game. Misawa, a super hardcore gamer who likes western games, gave the game an 85 out of 100. Wakasama, a super hardcore gamer who loves locking himself up with RPGs and simulation games and buys games on release day even if he doesn't have time to play them, awarded the title 90 out of 100. Finally Tarou Hayashi, a game fan who'll try out any genre but has recently found himself playing action and puzzle games, gave the title a 90 out of 100 and flagged it with a "recommended" mark.

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PS360WII4294d ago

With the success Square Enix has with the DS it'll be amazing if they release any other big game on a different system in the next few years. Or maybe they'll do what they did with this title. Make one for Sony and make the sequel for the DS!

In any event I'm rather happy that portable gaming is coming into fashion ^^ should of happened long ago. Thank you DS for making it so. Also thank you PSP for showing that a handheld can be as suped up as a console

soul4294d ago

Looking hot. If the Japanese press like it - it must be good!