Report says Electronic Arts' better positioned, tired of Wii

A report from Kaufman Bros. just a couple of days ago had signified that Electronic Arts had the most favorable position among the four giant publishers.

As pointed out by Todd Mitchell, a Kaufman Bros. analyst, he believes that Electronic Arts has made the correct investments for the coming cycle and "will ultimately be far better positioned for changes in the industry than its peers."

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Marty83704256d ago

Fads change, Wii will look dated sooner than PS3 & X360.

PS360WII4256d ago

but when has that stopped things from being a fad? Oh wait it hasn't happened to much. Wii is a fad for you maybe but to the masses (which by the way publishers and developers care about) Wii is a godsend to the gaming community. As well least you don't matter ^^

BIadestarX4256d ago

It has begun...
Nintendo should be happy they made lots of money. All they have to do is try the same 4-5 years from now. Make lots of money and by the time people realise is a gimick it will be too late.
Like I said before, the wii is fun... but that does not mean it will not get old fast and that many great games will come.

socomnick4255d ago

wii is garbage not a real gaming console but a mini game machine with games like cooking mama and cake mania not to mention wario ware.

ItsDubC4255d ago

So Cooking Mama and Wario Ware aren't real games? I'm not a huge fan of either of them, but those two games are more innovative than most games out right now. But I guess a game has to be just another FPS or 3rd-person shooter to be considered a "real" game.

ITR4255d ago

EA just sent more resources to make more games for the Wii. To me this means EA see's the Wii as a money maker. If folks actually got bored they're not showing it. Wii's still sell out in a day.

With 6.76 million units sold(VG Charts), no developer is not backing out of supporting the Wii. In fact more folks are jumping on the bandwagon.