Dutch TV Video: evidence for scratching XBox 360

Dutch TV Video: evidence for scratching XBox 360

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ASSASSYN 36o4294d ago

And yet the great games keep coming and coming and coming. People can complain all they want about the xbox. Microsoft is well aware of the complaints and has addressed them accordingly. It is to be expected that people would go through great lengths to complain about the xbox 360 it is in the lead and as far as I am concered will always be. And what I find funny is the coincidense this vid came out when it did being the ps3 sales have severly slummped world wide. And despite all the problems the little dutch boy had...he was still playing an XBOX 360 and not a ps3 in the end. Desperation to rid stocks of ps3`s are rampant.

BlazeXXL4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

I saw this show on television here in Holland, and Microsoft denied the problem was because of their own machine. This was on the air, about 2 months ago, and now Microsoft has admitted the faulty DVD players.

Even though, you should've seen what Microsoft told their costumers, it's ridiculous and shameful for such a company, with big bucks I might add, to deny their faults.

PS: thousands of people sent their complaint about this to the show. So this isn't a joke, or neither a conspiracy. But ofcourse, people like TheMART and you keep bringing the PS3 into subjects as these.

cuco334294d ago

first off... ps3 has NOTHING to do with this article, so dont bring it up. this is a message to all, DON'T BRING IT UP. this site continues to go to crap because of all the fanboyism and brand loyalty

second off... before people start crying out malice and say the 360 is a hunk of crap and that they dont care for their customers, note that initial complaints aren't enough statistically to show the specific problem does exist. it takes many to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with what system, what serial, what components... that is why managers are more than likely to blame the end user and not their product. this happens across the board with game consoles, radios, cars, refrigerators, everything... for this particular case initial specs for the drives most likely didn't state to have the bumpers in them, and since this is business, the vendor probably saw fit to not utilize them for cost savings. ever hear a penny saved is a penny earned? yeah... business... the good thing is that most likely the requirement spec for new drives will have this feature, all be it to the cost of a frustrated customer and bad publicity. you don't really think that a company can be in business with so much bad press do you? their fans would turn on them. and that would cost them more in the long run. also dont forget that sites like these blow things out of proportion every time the 360 red rings or the bad ps2 lasers are mentioned... it reminds me of the imus sharpton crap going on as we speak...

power of Green 4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

Hmmm Baybe the tray got loose some how and when the 360 releases the disc it rubbs on the elevated moldings in the tray who cares the little moron's going to break his 360 anyways because the 360 isn't suppose to be in cubbies with ever vent blocked and after it breaks he'll be on the internet crying with Sony fanboys hoovering around his story like fies on SH*T!.

#1 You think its bad now just wait untill the AAA's start rolling in and the gap between PS3 and 360s fanbase grows even further. This is the most hecktic phase in the industry all the launch BS was childs play, its going to be rough this site will be flooded with anti Ms posts news and comments, Rabid news and even more unprevoked personal attacks, if you think the rabid history that forced this site to transform three times was bad then you just wait.

TheMART4294d ago

Well, they're right about the T/S drive having no rubber bumpers close to the DVD drives lens.


As long as you don't move the drive while it's spinning, and having the console standing stable, it's almost impossible to get the disc to scratch. I have a T/S drive myself. I know at least 10 persons with a T/S drive. Never any scratches...

The most funny thing is (if you can read Dutch otherwise use babelfish), the research that has been done for this program Kassa said something completely different, read it here

In short they say:

Yep, the rubber bumpers are missing. That's a shortcoming of MS's product. BUT we have not been able to actually get the scratches in our lab, not even when we turned the console while spinning. NOT ANY. The discs came out without the scratch 'rings' as mentioned.

And they tested intensively. MS has acknowledged this problem in the mean time and will change the consoles if people want to including the discs.

If you ask me: I think those people have caused it themselves. I have no friend that got scratching like this using the console on a normal way. Their own research showed with intensive testing they couldn't reproduce the scratching. But, the rubber bumpers should have been there for sure.

StrboyM4294d ago

according to these idiots above me... where did the video once mention sony or ps3... I know what that is. its called fear. you think if you say the ps3 sucks it sucks, and you think saying, "#1 You think its bad now just wait until the AAA's start rolling in and the gap between PS3 and 360s fanbase grows even further" will have an effect on anything

ya 360 will be 15mil and the ps3 will only be at 3 mil still...hahahahhah toolz

ImTheNumber124294d ago

I have never blamed MS for how terrible they make their hardware on this site but it most definitely is true. My first 360 would scratch games. It was only a couple months old and i made sure to give it plenty of room to breath and made sure that my room was cool so it could make up for all the heat from it but still it broke on it's own. I warned everyone that I knew owned a 360 about it. 4 360's (not including mine) broke. Either it was the ring of death or the drive not opening anymore. My second 360 works fine. Friends...theirs still have problems sometimes. MS are sloppy at making 360s.

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