Renaissance for Fighters?

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. The once popular fighting genre needs a resurgence to claim dominance on the home consoles.

There's no running from it anymore – the death of the arcades has hurt several genres for video game home consoles. While analysts will argue that video games run through a cycle, there's no denying that the arcades are dead in the Americas.

So what must publishers do to bring this once-popular genre back to the forefront of gaming?

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Bigmac5734261d ago

Bought Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken: DR for PS3, Tekken 5 and VF4 for PS2, Tekken 1 for PSX hehe

Torch4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Ironically, over the past two days, I've been hooked on a fighting game that's a decade and a half old.

As klunky and visually dated as the game is, I forgot how incredibly fun and addictive MKII actually is. I've already gotten way more than my $5.99's worth. What's even more fun is replaying the game with the same people who you used to waste hours upon hours with, when the game was still new and innovative. Nostalgic!

Ah, good times, good times indeed.

Yeah, I also picked up Virtua Fighter...incredible game in every aspect. My only problem(?) with VF is that the gameplay is soooo deep, I end up dedicating myself to a single fighter (El Blaze in my case), because the list of custom moves for each player is just mind-blowing. But this would only apply if you're concerned with learning a player inside out; for those who prefer to button-mash, well you can do that's just not as satisfying.

InMyOpinion4261d ago

Most new fighting games have nice 3d graphics, but play pretty much like a 2d fighter. There have been some games that tried to change it, namely Bushido Blade, Ehrgeiz and Tobal. These games tried to utilate the space that is in 3d. But that was years back and since then the genre has stagnated and become more and more conservative.

Genki4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

fighters should be utilizing physics and dynamic animations just as nearly every other genre is starting to. As deep as you may want to call any of todays fighters, whether that be Virtua Fighter or Tekken, they're still filled with canned animations and laughable exploits. There's no reason why a simple jab should stop a full force spinning hook kick, period. Whenever I bring such issues up, I'm given the excuse "that's just the way the game works!"

Well, Mario worked in 2D decades ago, and he's made some graceful transitions since, so there's no reason for fighters to stay locked in the same mold for so long. Fundamentally, we've been playing the same tired games for ten years. It's gotten to the point where I'm seeing bigger changes and updates to annual 2k and 2000-whatever sports titles than I am with these fighters that are sometimes 2-3 years between installments. This is one of the biggest travesties in the industry IMO, and it needs to change. I still love these recycled fighters mind you, I'd like to think that I'm a pretty avid fan of the genre, but with that love comes a lot of pent up disappointment and unrealized expectations.

If various titles are utilizing physics engines, middleware similar to endorphin, or advanced animations such as those of NBA 2K7, then there's no reason for fighters to be stuck in 1995. It is a dying genre without question, but I'm still waiting for a developer with some vision beyond yesteryear to step up and put forth something revolutionary.

THAMMER14261d ago

Fighters should be more dynamic and less constricting.