Beuatiful new Screens of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Today somewonderfull screens for the Upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII made it's way to the net. The Folks over at japan Had the First look at it thanks the new issue of Famitsu. The Screen Shots Give us a more detailed look at the what happened in the trailer shown at this years e3, for those of us how missed it.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is the Third Game in the Fabula Nova Crysillis collect in the Final Fantasy XIII universe, And has been Tagged with a Release time frame of 2008 by Creator Tetsuya Nomura, for the PS3

But for the mean time lets have a look at these fantastic new sceens

Marty83706362d ago

No just true nex gen graphics.

THAMMER16360d ago

This is why PS3 fan boys have such big egoes. They are expecting the CG thing to pay off. Games with this type of quality will show up in about 4 years.

Sevir046359d ago

If anyone who can pull of this kind of quality it would be Square. Both games Uses the White Engine.
in the FFXIII trailer Various parts show cases the Engine's power with ingame footage which looks really really close... as a matter of fact if square didnt make the camera pan out to show the gameplay mechanics we would have never known that it was realtime... Square has said that FFXIII will release in 2007, while FFV:XIII will be released a year later. keep in mind that FFXIII has been in Development now for over a year now.. that said, Square has a Full year and a half to bring It to what it should be or beyond. and the same can be said about FFV:XIII, it's only in the early development stages so this here is CGI but it was written on PS3 hardware. but hey we'll have a great look at next years e3... FFXIII will be playable, and maybe even FFV:XIII

Karibu6361d ago

Those are CGI, SE said it themself. That was the reason people were not allowed to take it on video. But if anything can be concluded from FFXIII video, it will look really close.
They use the same graphics engine 'white'.

Karibu6361d ago

he got so exited about those images.

Sevir046361d ago

Just a simple typo and nothin... you dont really have to be soo rude... but what ever i'm not here to argue. perhaps i was excited at the images...

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-Foxtrot149d ago

Huh? XIII was just terrible

Even something singular like characters in XVI are better

luckytrouble148d ago

Even as someone that actually kind of likes 13, probably helped by the fact I expected to absolutely hate it, man it could not be more different from 16. There isn't a single element I can more than loosely correlate between the two titles.

banger88149d ago

The main difference for me is the characters. I love the characters in FFXVI, I HATED the characters in FFXIII with a passion. F****** hated them. Every. Single. One.

RpgSama148d ago


Every single character sucked.

babadivad148d ago

I liked Lightning, didn't mind Zhaz and Vanille. I HATED that kid. I don't even remember his name. I never bothered touching his stats to upgrade him. I hated him.

Flawlessmic149d ago

I really dont get this comparison at all, outside of them being linear that's where the comparison starts and ends for me really.

Ff13 is a weird one for me, it's actually one of the only mainline ff games I havent finished and didn't even bother with the sequels.

I don't remember even hating it at the time, like i thought it was ok, just yea never got into it like I normally do with a ff game.

Ff13 isn't on the same level as 16 not even close though.

Even if you hated 16s combat the story, world and characters are so fantastic you will push through just to see the story's end

SegaSaturn669148d ago

FF13: Mash X button - win battle. Walk thru straight corridor, repeat.

Harkins1721148d ago

I remember 13 having some thinking involved and not just mashing X.

jwillj2k4148d ago

The FF 16 demo was similar in that aspect. “Smash square to win” it’s why I didn’t buy the full game.

MrBaskerville148d ago

I wouldn't go that far, battle system does have it's moments. But maybe mainly in later boss fights. Start of game is pretty braindead though.