Three's a Crowd: Prototype, InFAMOUS & Red Faction: Guerrilla


"The Open World Buyer's Guide For June.

While reviews have given these three a hearty dose of praise, with the best making sure to review each on their own individual merits, there is still a question remaining: if you can only afford one, which is right for you?

It's evident all are quality games, and one can't be simply hailed as 'the best' for everyone.

After all, different players have different values they look for in open world games. Where one wants an intriguing story, someone else may be in it only for messing up a city and feeling like a badass, while another wants the feeling of freedom from running and leaping through a giant playground.

This article is for those people who simply want to know how each measures up in the separate features of sandbox games, and can choose their poison from there."

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gaminoz4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

I found this a very useful way to look at each open world game: instead of saying this game is better than that, it looks at different aspects so depending on what gamer you are you know which is best for you.

I think I'm more Red Faction...but the real open world game I'm looking forward to is Assassin's Creed 2!

Superfragilistic4372d ago

Prototype: 27
Infamous: 26
Red Faction: 23

Great article OXCGN, but just be wary that the trolls are a hunting and don't have the brain matter for understanding what you're writing, let alone why the totals above are irrelevant. ;)

REALgamer4372d ago

Hopefully there'll be no trolling.

My preference is inFamous out of the 3, but I really like a good world for sandbox games.

I do love the carnage in Prototype though...just kind of boring city.

gaminoz4372d ago

@ Super

You like that image better? It only covers one of the games, but it's kinda cool.

There's no way I'm going to photoshop the 3 games into one small image!!! And the other one was in the article...

DelbertGrady4372d ago

Haven't played INFamous but Red Faction: Guerrilla stomps Prototype in all areas. Much better graphics, better gameplay, better story, lasts longer, multiplayer etc.

starchild4372d ago

Red Faction is my favorite out of these three. But I agree with the OP that Assassin's Creed 2 is the "sandbox" game I am most looking forward to.

Immortal Kaim4372d ago

Yeah I can't wait for AC2, just completed the first one (again).

I think I might pick up inFAMOUS this week, sounds great.

Superfragilistic4372d ago

That picture is much better... and cooler! Heck anything's better than clipart. hehe

aldesko4372d ago

All the games are good, but I was surprised with Red Faction... it was better than I was expecting.

Pika-pie4372d ago

Oh god I want AC2 now!!! Give it to me

shawnsl654371d ago (Edited 4371d ago )

Caution: If you have a history of epilepsy, you should not go near Infamous. Says so in game. Or you can wear sunglasses while playing.

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Godem4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

Really well presented article....

my preference would be Spiderman: Web of Shadows, a game that tends to be forgotten, I found that game a bit more entertaining than those 3.

TheHater4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

An Xbox only site should stick to covering Xbox 360 games and leave PS3 exclusive out. It is nothing against your and it writers. However, if you are an xbox 360 only website, then there will be some form of injustice toward a Playstation 3 exclusives or Wii Exclusives.

Vonsutton4372d ago

with an Xbox 360 specific website stepping out of their comfort zone to appreciate games on other systems. I think it is admirable of them to admit their are good games on all consoles, not just their system of choice.

TheHater4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

I never said it was wrong of them. I simply stated they should just stick to the xbox 360, considering they are an xbox 360 only site. If they want to cover Sony PlayStation 3 or/and Nintendo Wii, then they should have a section of their site for those two consoles. I do not want to go to a PS3 only site and read an article about Halo or Mario. Or go to a Nintendo Wii site and read an article about Halo or God of War. It just does not seem right because you will notice the little cheap shots they are taking at those games because it is not on the system they cover. Whether you accept it or not, an Xbox or PS3 or Wii only website will not give a fair judgment on a title that is not on their system.

TheColbertinator4372d ago

@The Hater

Well OXGCN is giving compliments to all three regardless of console and its an article for gamers of all stripes.

Also sometime PS sites and Microsoft sites discuss Mario as well since Mario and Nintendo helped construct the videogame world as it is today.If you don't like the article or the site,don't read it.Other than that its a well written article with a good view on 3 hot games this month.

TheHater4372d ago

first of all I was using Mario as an example for a Nintendo exclusive.

Second, I read the article and thought it was a good read. I never stated I did not like the article. I just wrote that they should just stick to covering Xbox 360 exclusives and if the want to cover PS3 and/or Wii games, then they should add a section to their site to cover those two system.

kingdavid4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

You are a true numpty! Read the article. Games are games, why should what system its on be used as a barrier for comparison? Yeah its a 360 mainly site but what difference does that make? They werent biased in their outcome at all and in the end its for the benefit of all gamers.

Cant believe im reading this childish crap but I spose its the norm for n4g.

Immortal Kaim4372d ago

Let me guess, you are under the age of 15 right? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this 'Xbox centric' site has previously reviewed PS3 exclusives and given them some of the highest ratings on the entire site...

Halo3 MLG Pro4372d ago

The same should be said about silly ps3 sites like Playstationlifestyle that tries to find dirt on the 360.

XboxOZ3604372d ago

I'm sorry mate . . . so you're saying, we, as gamers, who just happen to HAVE PS3's and enjoy "games" per-se, should just not write about gaming.

We happen to have a Xbox-centric site. We also happen to have a solid following of Sony supporters that are gamers firstand foremost. Not fanboys.

We write what turns us on. Be that an iPnone game, a PS3 Exclusive, a xbox game that tanks, or a range of games that 'gamers' like playing, like this assortment.

The second issue is that WHY should we not write about things because they are not on the same platform . . . our readers expect unbiased reporting. We can't give them that if we stay biased by NOT writing about different platforms.

That would be kind of hypocritical wouldn't you think?

So, despite your objections, we'll continue to do the things we do, in the best way we can, as gamers.

Superfragilistic4372d ago

So by your logic... Forum posters shouldn't tell game sites and journalists what they can and can't do. lol

OXCGN can cover what it likes and in fact I often prefer their coverage of the PS3 to many PS3 only sites that think Sony's the only one with good games. At least OXCGN knows a good game when it sees it. ;)

TheHater4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

You said you "Cant believe im reading this childish crap but I spose its the norm for n4g."
Are you sure you read my comment or just acting on fanboy impulse? I clearly stated I read the article and said it was a good read.

@Immortal Kaim
Didn't your mother ever told you not to accuse other without getting your facts straight? So you say I am under the age of 15? Well then good of you and keep think that.

@Halo3 MLG Pro
That why I report story like that. A console specific site you not write article regrading other consoles because they will not give a fair judgment on the other consoles.

That they point I am making, you are a Xbox-centric website. Do you honestly think most people will expect you guys to give a fair judgment on any games that are not available on the Xbox 360? Change your site name and add a channel specific for each of the other system you might cover in the future or has covered in the past. Until then, everything that comes out of your site that deal with other consoles, I will be talking with a grain of salt.

No forum poster should not tell website what they should or should not do. They are not the ones running these site and forking over the bill for the severs and employee's that working for that site in question. And yes, I do know that I just contradict everything I just said in my previous statement with my response to your comment.

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Kushan4372d ago

I think what's really important to consider is that they're all great games. Not just good games, but great games. We got 3 great sandbox games all at once. I am happy at this.

peeps4372d ago

was a good guide tbh. I haven't actually played prototype, i was tempted but instead i actually bought red faction.

for me inFamous was a great game and i had no problems playing through as both good and evil (infact i started the second straight after i completed it the first time) but after that theres little left to keep me playing cus nearly all enemies are dead and all you can really do is terrorize civillians lol

Prototype will probably be a game i pick up wen it's on offer in the near future.

Red Faction. So far i haven't played much single player. It just seems pretty repetative and it may sound stupid, but having so much stuff to do can be a bit :| cus you just dunno where to start lol It's like when the house is a mess and you gotta work out which room to start cleaning first :p

however the multiplayer in Red Faction is a lot of fun imo, nothing to be taken too seriously like a lot of games out there but modes which see's 1 team trying to destroy buildings while another frantically tries to defend them, and even rebuild them using a certain weapon is a lot of fun.

like i say i can't really comment on prototype having not played it however it seems we have 3 different open world games that each offer very different experiences and are probably all worth picking up at some point :)

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