Rumor: The Conduit gets first Wi-Fi hacker/codes

While it would be silly to say at this point that the Wi-Fi multiplayer in The Conduit is in shambles, information that someone has codes for the game doesn't bode too well.

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knox4110d ago

ocrap......just looking @ that video doesnt look good
hopefully sega/nintendo/hvs will do something =|

blockhead17004110d ago

I bet HVS will monitor there games like Nintedo moniters Mario Kart. They will start IP banning

knox4110d ago

i guess hvs/sega is our best bet since this is a thirdparty game

Microsoft Xbox 3604110d ago

One word:


Look it up. Its a cheat program for Wii. Idiots also use this in Mario Kart. Infinite Red Shells, Blue Shells, Stars, etc... The Online system on the Wii is truly garbage. No patches to stop these cheaters too. So sad.

kevnb4110d ago

if thats one of the multiplayer maps, who would play this for more than a few days?

SpoonyRedMage4110d ago

It's just pathetic that people feel the need to do this.

N4g_null4110d ago

Yes it is but people get frustrated with not being able to win ever LOL. So they do stuff like this. Another thing is I think nintendo could ban you based on your friend code so I don't think that would be that great of an idea you know?

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The story is too old to be commented.