Trade ups to be available for the Elite?

Ever since it was announced, the Elite has been surrounded by controversy. Many declared it outrageous that after one and a half years, there was already a new, technically superior model available, and demanded that they could trade in their current 360 and get a certain amount of money off the Elite. Well whingers people, your dreams could well have come true. received a tip off from an apparent EB Games manager saying the flyers were already with him.

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NextGen24Gamer4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

I have a family member that told me this a few days ago. It will be a good deal indeed. You will get 250 for the premium without hard drive and 280 off with hard drive to go towards the Elite. That is Great news for those who want

A. HDMI output

B. A new 360 in Black

C. A massive 120 gig hard drive

I know I can't wait to get mine. I know it doesn't improve the games you play. But hdmi offers a sharper/cleaner signal over componant. Though its not major...I have a 1080p tv with hdmi inputs and I want to have the best possible signal for my 360. My ps3 and my comcast cable box is hooked up via hdmi as well.

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Schmitty074257d ago

Wasn't planning on getting the Elite, but if these rumors are true I'm definetly doing it.

Dukester1014257d ago

It would be nice to have a trade-in deal. However I wouldnt be doing it. My plan is this:

1) Wait for the 65NM chip
2) Buy the Elite w/ the 65NM chip
3) Buy a 20in. Hi-Def TV
4) Give my girlfriend my current Xbox and the 20in. TV
5) Enjoy my 120GB hdd, the blackness of my 360, and the crisp HDMI on my 42" 1080p TV!

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The story is too old to be commented.