Crysis Multiplayer Hand-on Impressions

Crysis multiplayer hands-on impressions from the Spring '07 Summit, which was held March 28-29th for the fan site folk at the Crytek headquarters.

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The Real Joker4263d ago

I like that they are trying something new in the multiplayer aspect. I am tired of the same thing over and over on each game. I do admit though that if it was the same multi as any other game, it probably would still be enjoyable because of the crysis engine. I am looking forward to this game and it was one of the reasons I built my current rig.

hamburgerhill4263d ago

I just hope your not the typical floating cursor like almost every FPS! A game this beautiful better make me feel like i'm in this suit and show my nano suit or whatever from chest down and not only my arms and hands! It's all about immersion and if I don't feel like i'm part of the world this game will go down as a typical experience and offer nothing new that would excite me other than visuals and hopefully story! Yeah good read but I just am sick of freaking floating cursor games!

Rooted_Dust4263d ago

Since they have already writen the manuscripts for the next 2 games. I like the fact that they are not showing the aliens and leaving some things to speculation. I'm sick of knowing everything about a game before I play it, it brings back the "Wow" factor.