Force Unleashed Production Diary #6

The sixth installment in a series of articles that take an inside look at the making of Star Wars: The Force unleashed.
Unless you've been living under some form of "hard consolidated mineral matter" you've probably heard at least something about the upcoming Star Wars title; The Force Unleashed.

The game is planned for release on a multitude of consoles, but it is the next-gen Xbox 360 and Playstation versions from LucasArts that are currently shaping up to be the most impressive of the lot.

Players take the role of Darth Vader's secret apprentice during the time period between the two trilogies of films (or specifically the Revenge of the Sith and a New Hope.)

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N4G_FANBOY_CRAP4261d ago

it lives up to it's potential, LucasArts are a bit hit and miss.

Rooted_Dust4260d ago

I'm a bit sceptical of Star Wars Action games, they never really seem to live up to the hype. They need to do more X-Wing/TIE Fighter Sims or another Dark Forces/Jedi Knight game, they seem to be the most successful of the franchise games.