Epic aren't Roadie Running away from problems

Were you one of many who was initially delighted about the new Gears of War patch, only to discover that they had tweaked the Roadie Run in such a way that it became even more irritating? It seems Epic have listened, and another update is in the works, which will strike a fair balance between old and new.

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Hayabusa 1174261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

A balance between the old and new? No, we simply want the old.

When I roadie run - mostly in online play - it's because I'm either trying to get somewhere fast, or I'm trying to escape from danger in a manor of haste. In both circumstances, I DO NOT want to take cover. If a do want to roadie run into cover, it's most likely I'll just run head on into the object, not stick into it from the side.

There really wasn't much issue with it before, it was well balanced. What I didn't like in the control system before, was when I try to escape from a gun fight by rolling, and of course, my character sticks to a wall. This problem comes from the fact that both the cover system and the rolling are map to the same button (something I've heard many people online complain about). I know Epic's intent to make the contols intuitive by having most functions mapped to the A button, but taking cover and escaping have two different objectives. I think it would work better if the rolling/roadie running functions had their own buttons: if one was the LB for example, you could still do stuff like volt over cover and immediatly run by pressing A and holding LB or vise versa.

Ofcourse, they probably wouldn't change that in GOW, but I think it may work better.

And of all the glitches they fixed, why is the chain-saw glitch still in there? And (most annoying of all) the sniper reload glitch, where the sniper rifle starts shooting blanks? And ofcourse, let's not forget the all-new, I-try-to-stick-to-cover-but-no w-I-can't-move-glitch.(courtes y of the latest update).

And please, can we have partying on the same team in ranked matches? It sucks playing without friends, and player matches and mostly played by newbies (i.e. not very challenging)

Schmitty074260d ago

With everything you said

Dukester1014260d ago

This was a great game, but the multi-player was flawed to begin with. The lack of a good party system, or the allowing of friends in ranked play. Other games, last-gen, and next allow for friends in ranked play... why not Gears?

Things started to go downhill with the first update that "fixed" a few things, but in reality only made everything else worse. We all got used to it, and found ways around it, then came update #2! With this update, even more things got messed up, and less things got fixed.

People are still able to weapon slide, chainsaw glitch, walls are magnetic, and I've seen countless people unable to move off a wall now. The sniper doesnt hit people in the head even when dead-on. It seems like they widened the hit boxes, or made the shotgun more powerful off-host. I dont host games, but I seem to get host-like headshots with the shotgun from long range.

What they should have implemented in this game was a beautiful party system for friends or clans to join ranked play (which is more competitive). That, or they should have allowed for achievements in unranked play. Host advantage was a matter of net-coding, and is more prevalent in this game than any other I've played (even Halo).

If it weren't for the league I run that has Gears in our list of games, I'd give this game the boot. It is a great game, and I bought into the hype. It's one of the best looking games on the 360- true next-gen if you ask me. But a game can't stay great if the mechanics and gameplay is flawed... and it is seriously flawed.

I'm not whining, because I dont have all the achievements, or because I suck, because I really dont. At my high-point I was ranked in the top 900 in Warzone. I'm voicing this, b/c I feel that they could have done so much better with this game than they did. It was a move by MS to push Epic to get it done by November, and I dont think (judging by Cliffy B's reaction on the special DVD) they were ready.

This game needed a few more months (could have held off till late April). There werent many good games coming out in November other than the hyped up Gears, so thats why it needed to be in November (unpolished or not). I'm sure Epic has heard all the gripes and moans of players, and will address every issue in their sequel, provided MS gives them enough time (just like the did for Halo 3)- so they get it right!

Havince4260d ago

dont get me started.

im fed up of sticking to EVERYTHING...and whats the desal with when you are trying to climb up a ledge you get stuch in the air above it then your back down it again.

AND OH MY GOD trying to get down ledges, sometime you just cant AND IF I FALL THRU THE FULE DEPOT MAP ONE MORE TIME I SWEAR

People are still glitching, update has just ruined thre game