PS3 "the most important home entertainment device since the TV"

PS3 takes top spot in T3 magazine's Hot 100, Apple's iPhone at No. 2 and Nintendo's Wii at No. 8. The Hot 100 represents the "must have kit every man should own."

T3 describe the PS3 as "Sony's super-console which towers above all other gadgets." They were impressed with its high definition graphics for games and its media features which would put you in "total control of your digital life."

On the iPhone they said that it was "set to do for mobiles what the iPod did for MP3 players" and on the Wii they liked the Wiimote, Wii Sports and the ability to design your own Mii characters.

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BubblesDAVERAGE5515d ago

Ps3 is nice but since the tv. What cant it do that makes it so special...I mean the TV is the Tv the ps3 is a gmaing system and bluray player.

unsunghero285515d ago

Well, it's about time the PS3 got some good media, but I'm not quite sure it's worthy of being equated with the TV.

kewlkat0075515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

Ya know Pre-1925, Mom, Dad and the little kiddos used to sit in front of a Radio to get their news, games, talk radio,music, before the Tv was invented/mainstream.

Now let's put a "PS3" in 1915 and see how well it does, and how great it will be to all little boys and girls, fanboys and all...HA

So who did really come first, The Chicken or the Egg? Wait a minute thats reminds me of 2 Sony commmercials...

Even a fool knows the most important Home Entertainment Device since TV is a "COMPEWTER"(Does Media Center ring a bell)...duhhh( oh yeah Ps3's claim to fame)

Vulcan Raven5515d ago

Yeah this is a little overrated. I love my PS3 but my computer is a little more important for typing essays at university than my PS3. There are a few more things that should be up top but its not my article so to each his own.

xg-ei8ht5515d ago

The most important thing, depends on what your doing at that time.

If you fancy a game of motorstorm then ps3 owns everything.

If you fancy sex with your woman,(maybe that should be no.1) ahh you get my drift.:)

Neutral Gamer5515d ago

Haha, I actually find that quite funny, after all a woman is the ultimate "Home entertainment device" if you know what I mean ...

jmoneezie5515d ago

yep you're right, however I think the woman was around before the TV :)

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The story is too old to be commented.