Don't Throw Your Wii Away Yet Hardcore Fans

Michael Perry writes: "This year's E3 was a feast for the eyes, showing off some very impressive games for all three major home consoles. While the Microsoft and Sony E3 press conferences were stuffed full of gaming goodness, the Nintendo press conference seems to be left in the dust. If you actually look at what Nintendo has coming out for the "hardcore" you will realize they are doing a better job of tailoring towards that crowd that they have in the past. Don't believe me? then feast your eyes on this amazing list (in no particular order) that Nintendo has to offer for gamers like me and you (pointing my finger at you). I'm almost positive this list will have something for all gamers to enjoy, well, all gamers that aren't worried about losing weight, waggling, or getting their heart rate checked."

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Myst5451d ago

How many times must I hold this sign up my arms are getting tired!

Unless capcom decides to do a port and add some extra features to the Playstation 3 and allows me to transfer my Unite character to tri~ even though it probably wouldn't be possible.

Gun_Senshi5451d ago

Monster Hunter 3 is Mini MMO

With Wii Online System.....-_-'''

ChickeyCantor5451d ago

its actually a pay system, so dont think its using the WFC system

SpoonyRedMage5451d ago

Well Echoes of Time works fine with the Wii/DS's online system, it's easy to join my friends, including some people I've only played Echoes of Time with. It could be better but if a dev puts effort into it online can work perfectly on the Wii.

Raptor5451d ago

Already sold it and bought a PS3.

Buying the Wii was my biggest mistake ever, Selling the Wii was my redemption.

Mini Mario5451d ago

"I'm almost positive this list will have something for all gamers to enjoy"

O im sure the haters will still complain about something. It's in their nature. Being so "mature" and all

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Reibooi5451d ago

With games like Muramasa, No More Hero's and Metroid Other M coming I think the Wii is looking better but still not exactly the ideal choice for the hardcore fan. Look how long it has taken to get a decent line up like this. It may not happen again after it passes as well which is also something to keep in mind.

I will say at this point I don't regret owning a Wii in fact had a I not had one I would have bought one just to play Muramasa however I don't know of the majority of the hardcore fans out there who own a Wii feel the same.

mau645451d ago

I agree with you completely, I'm not mad I bought the Wii, I knew one day there would be some games I would be really wanting to play.

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Smacktard5451d ago

Muramasa, Metroid, No More Heroes 2, SMG2, NSMBWii, Little King's Story, FF:CC, Sin and Punishment 2, Monster Hunter 3, Tales of Graces, Capcom Vs Tatsunoko, Fragile, and PERHAPS (that's a BIG perhaps) Red Steel 2 & Spybrogs all look like fantastic options for hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers, I said. Not "HARDKORE!!1 GAMERZ" that don't play anything colorful. They're just as bad and tasteless as uninformed casuals. I don't understand how anyone who generally likes video games could look at that list and not be interested.

N4g_null5451d ago

I feel the same way about HD console so I really do understand where you are coming from. Plus you get to play all of those great games from the past because of BC.... well at least we have VC. Man you guys are all getting PCs next year watch LOL! The console players are going to stay on the Wii watch. The motion controls will launch with new systems in order to pull a wii like moment out for next gen.

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RedDeadLB5451d ago

Nah, the Wii will never get the hardcore title.. It's just.. not a serious console..

ChickeyCantor5451d ago

Kid you need to lay of the drugs.

brandynevils5451d ago

I like this- I am still holding on to my Wii. Someone told me last night Nintendo was going to start fading out and I just laughed at them. There are some titles only Nintendo should do.