New Too Human Screengrabs

Nine new screengrabs from Too Human.

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NextGen24Gamer4265d ago

I'm super excited about this game. I love the Deep Story, RPG action aspects of this game. Halo 3's,GTA 4's and Final Fantasy 13's are always nice and safe bets for Greatness....But New and Exciting games are what I look foward to the most. Too Human looks too Good. A must have AAA title that I look foward to playing.

Extra Guy4264d ago

Well there's a problem in that logic. Sure we almost know what kind of things are happening gameplay wise in H3 but at the same time it was created to be a trilogy. Now you're saying that this will be new and exciting, however surely by the third iteration it would be in a similar situationi to Halo? It's this logic which confuses people.

highps34265d ago

1st why is no game surpassing Gears of War in terms of graphics?

Some of the effects in this game looks cool, the gameplay looks different and unique.

Whether or not it will be another overly hyped game im not sure. Looks different which is always good.

ASSASSYN 36o4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

I agree why isn`t any ps3 games surpassing gears of war graphics. The game you refer to is made by epic ( Gears ) A company that has FULL access to the most sought game engine in history by the way the made it. The Unreal engine. To out do such a well built engine a game company would need to build there own engine which rivals the specs of unreal`s engine and then implement it into a game. Why would game companies go through that process when a well establish engine exists to do the job? Your mere use of the comparison of the unreal engine running gears of war is proof enough of the successful technology. I don`t care how blu your disc is if you don`t have a well designed system then you won`t be able to implement a game like gears on your system. Now imagine whats going to look good on what system when Microsoft or it`s third party hard hitting companies get a hold of the CRY engine seen running Crysis.

BBsin4264d ago

PS3 hasn't even passed it's first generation of line-ups yet, it should'nt be surprizing that no game on the PS3 has yet to match the graphics of Gears on the 360 (also the point that epic did a he|l of a job developing GeOW) , as for "games like gears" that can't be implemented on systems like the PS3... well thats not true. The unreal3 engine will be run on the PS3 and Unreal3 (the game) will be run on Both systems. The only reason you won't be seeing Gears on PS3 is b/c Microsoft publishes it.

and about the CRY engine. The technology on the CRY engine is very dependant on DX10 which is only availible through Windows vista, The PS3 uses openGL and Xbox360 uses DX9. If microsoft or any other 3rd party developer were to license (if they havent already) the CRY engine, it would probably have a minimal effect if it were to be used on a console without the technology of DX10. Does that mean Crysis can't run on DX9?? no, but it probably won't look nearly as good as it would on DX10.

DJ4264d ago

I played Gears but it wasn't anything special in terms of graphics. Aliasing issues, low-polygon counts (which affected facial animation sadly), etc. What Gears had was great art direction, and luckily the gameplay was designed so that the graphics engine wouldn't be stressed too much.

Unreal Tournament already looks far superior, as does Lair and quite a few other titles.

Extra Guy4264d ago

You know i have yet to see anything special from lair. I look at the other PS3 games and think 'They look good' then somebody points out Lair and i think 'Meh'. I just don't see the fuss which is being made about it, there are better looking games coming out for the PS3 than that.

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JOLLY14264d ago

I can't wait for this game.....your save carries over from game to game!

power of Green 4264d ago

Isn't that great.

What is it with DJ and his low-polygon counts?, Most people have it wrong its DJ that has it right.

#2.3 Unreal Tournament already looks far superior?!, not on my TV; maybe if they release a higher quality Video with more gameplay on XBL i'll change my mind.

Forza 2 shaped up, all 360 games always look much better when they're released vs Sony titles.

power of Green 4264d ago

Way of saying WoW!!!! the graphics are close to GoW and have been compared for awhile when it comes to the Architecture and detail, in my opinion Too Human has better flesh art than in GoW(Locust skin is not like anything i'v seen though) and they have a little work left on detail and textures left not much but some.

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