Sega's Steinberg talks PS3, Shenmue III

Everyone has an opinion on PS3 and the hefty price tag Sony's slapped on its next-gen console - here's Scott Steinberg's. Sega of America's vice president of marketing Scott Steinberg has joined the massed ranks of company execs discussing Sony's PS3 and the console's pricing, voicing opinions on the next-gen machine in an interview published yesterday (although the interview was actually conducted during E3) on website GameDaily BIZ.

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THAMMER16591d ago

Who cares any more? The only way the PS3 is going to be in my home is A. I would have to win it from a contest. B. I would have to have a family member who buys it. C. They lower the price and cut the crap. I like the PS2 and I will get another one instead of the PS3 just for god of war 2 & I. I have a 360 and that will completely fulfill my next-gen needs with out being ripped off. I know the PS3 is powerful but it is not powerful enough for it to be considered the best console when the CPU Trumps the Gpu. Most people do not even know that the GPU will not be able to handle unreal engine 5 once it is done in a year or two. But most of the PS3 fans do not care they will be satisfied with ratchet and clank sequels.

kingboy6591d ago

Give it a now we know u hate the system no need to say it on every ps3 news cuz we heard u`s realy becoming boring now, sorry!

THAMMER16591d ago

The article sucks. There is nothing there that even matters. I have the right to post what ever I want just like you. So you know you can Kiss my @ss right?

Kekkei genkai Kid6591d ago

this aint a pointless article if you dont know about shenmue then your a thoughtless gamer

THAMMER16591d ago

I am not bashing I am just stating my point of view. And I am stating fact about the GPU though. If you guys don’t like what I say I hope you like your PS3 when you get it. I did not mean to ruffle your feathers girls.

PS360PCROCKS6591d ago

lol he's right they all have said the same thing over and over again, the 360 is a very powerful machine as well and it cost quite a bit less. Ok yes it doesn't have a Blu-Ray player in it...but it has everything your system has pretty much minus what HDMI and WI-fi which I can't utilize anyways, I still just think $600 is soooo much...geesh I thought $400 was F'ing outrageous, I am just being honest...

kingboy6591d ago

lol !kiss ur what, dude got pissed cuz his posting kiddy comments.i know mr banker can do better than that!

THAMMER16591d ago

I did not get pissed I just tell you like is. I can post want I want when I want. If you dont like you dont like. Really I do not care. You are trying too hard to brun me too just give it up child.

Bhai6591d ago

Mr. 'T' just has too much to suffer lately, getting a 360, seeing its lows, knowing from developers that it ain't gonna be the future machine and so on...all he can do now is brag about himself you know, this happens with lack of self contentment. Ha Ha Ha, talk of contentment Ha !

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Armyofdarkness4d ago

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Lara Croft, Nathan Drake etc, cos they pretend to be the good guys but are mass murderers that show no remorse.


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