Bonus Round Part 3: Jaffe Unleased

The interview continues with David Jaffe. What would a PS3 look like if Jaffe made it?

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Bill Nye4263d ago

Everybody loves Jade Raymond.

InMyOpinion4263d ago

Try to evoke feelings through games he said, that's what Peter Molineux is experimenting with in Fable 2 =)

Siesser4263d ago

I agree with him that that's more of what we need in games. It is because of the immersion and emotional attachment through gameplay that Indigo Prophecy and SotC are such significant games in my eyes.

lil bush4263d ago

jaffe is a cool guy, he says things totally honest, thats why i like him

jr killa4263d ago

yeah jaffe is a cool dude , and I respect that he says things as he sees them whit out caring if people like him for that.

MySwordIsHeavenly4263d ago

I love Jaffe...but why bring politics into this? I happen to love George Bush. I know he's not afraid to offend, but gaming should be gaming. That's like the Dixie Chicks or Kurt Schilling expressing their opinions during interviews...especially when not asked about politics.

Still, I REALLY hate that he's not making these epic games anymore. We're losing a lot of talent by him not continuing his classic style of work. I mean, yeah, he's doing GOW III, but after that...who can still do action that well. I guess DMC is probably the best action game out there...but it's goin' multi-plat. Who knows how long it will take for them to screw THAT up. <thanks Capcom.

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