Two World's to Oblivion: Your Nice but We are better, Hello PS3

According to development team making Two Worlds for the PC, XBOX360 and thats right PS3 "Oblivion" is completely nice, but we can do that better. Some hefty words of bravoda right there, but it looks like they are backing up there words so-far according to Heiko who got some hand on time with the PC version. Not only did he witness green hills, dense forests, swampland, picture-beautiful beaches, white glaciers, detailed vegetation with high draw distance, detailed animations using Motion Capturing and impressive weather and night and day cycles.

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Sevir044262d ago

lol!!! as far as i'm concerned its good to see more games coming to ps3. espcially now that the ps3's user base is something more devs are willing to work with, 3.6 million is a number that can generate profit for developing... as i'll say this i never cared too much for oblivion on xbox360 and didn't even give it a go on my ps3 so i think i'll pass on this game as well. for everyone else who likes this game enjoy it at it's release

Bhai4262d ago

First were:

-Saint's Row

-NG Sigma(totally not a remake, a total overhaul with new
stages, 1080p, self-shadowing, no-loading, 60fps, dual-weilding etc.)

-Test Drive Unlimited(its on PS2, another 'living' Sony platform and other than gfx, it is feature perfect !)

-Enchanted Arms

-Two Worlds...

I am very hopeful for Bioshock as well, I think it will be announced after its launch on 360 !!!

TheMART4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Dude you know most of those games were 360 exclusives at that time because...

The PS3 wasn't out?

There is only one former XBOX 1 game on there, NG, which is from years ago.

The others: timed exclusive (by the lack of PS3 delaying)

Now there are some real PS exclusives coming over, follow me on this one:

DMC 1,2,3 on PS, nr. 4 also on 360
GTA 1,2,3 on PS first, nr. 4 same day on 360 launch
Virtua Fighter 1,2,3,4 on PS, nr. 5 also on 360
Virtua Tennis 1,2 on PS, nr. 3 also on 360

We can go on like this, but the ones that you name have never been real XBOX exclusives.

Thus: the PS is loosing real exclusives, XBOX isn't. That's what we can conclude from this all.

@ Peestree (below)

Prove me wrong then. On my words. On the games. If the PS3 was out in spring 2006 you would also have had GRAW 1. But it wasn't there, so you got GRAW 2.

What I say is clear. The PS looses games that began their IP on the PS2. XBOX hasn't lost an exclusive IP which was on XBOX 1. Ninja Gaiden 1 you get a remake, but nr. 2 is still (timed) exclusive on 360. Again waiting 2 years maybe for a remake?

Prove me wrong. You can't. PS3 biting the 360's ass? With what exactly? COD3 30fps instead of 60fps that the 360 has? Uhm all those other rippoff versions of multiplatform games?

Resistance? Don't make me laugh. COD2 launch game on the 360 looks better then that. Motorstorm? 8 tracks although there is a BluRay player onboard?

The only ass that the PS3 is biting is... it's own
PS3 is the one that is loosing exclusives. Next on the list MGS4 and FF

PeeStree4262d ago

Copypaste, that should be your name.. You're running out of things to say since the PS3 is biting 360's @ss..

Don't beat around the bush xbox is loosing exclusives and it will continue to do so.. PERIOD

gta_cb4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

ya see there TheMart goes again, proving someone else wrong haha

@ PeeStree and if i remember correctly so is the PS3. both systems are going to have a lot of multiplatform games, there is one game i can say will absolutely stay as an XBox 360 exclusive which is Halo 3, but all the others and this includes the PS3 exclusives, well anything could happen just like what happened with Ace Combat, and now Dragonball Online (which btw is going to rock!)

Hayabusa 1174262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Saints Row was never a PS3 exclusive, and Volition always said they're making free-roaming games for next-gen platforms.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma...Oh Lord, it's a PS3 exclusive...when was it on the 360? And it IS a remake...(1080p, rebuilt levels...they REMADE it.)

Test Drive unlimited has always been down for the PS2, PC, e.t.c.

Two worlds was never announced as a 360/PC excluive.

What a desperate list.

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ChefDejon4262d ago

know two worlds was coming out for both consoles thats nice

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