Rant: How Many Accessories is Too Many?

This generation is all about shoving more and more accessories down our throats. This doesn't include any third-party products.

So why is this becoming the new trend with consoles? We're paying so much up front to game in the "next-gen", you would think there wouldn't be so many accessories needed. The marketing teams at Nintendo and Microsoft have had their products pushed down users throats and almost universally accepted. How much more are we going to see?

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Scrumptious4263d ago

It is getting crazy each new generation. I remember the good old days when we just needed to buy a second controller. I have spent more money on accessories than I care to this generation.

360: Quick-charge kit, second controller, extra battery, HD-DVD drive w/remote, and a carbon fiber faceplate.

Wii: I refuse to spend any additional money on the piece of crap until some good games come out.

PS3: Had to get a component video cable (crappy move Sony)and Blu-Ray remote. I will make people bring their own damn controller. Though I only know one other person with a PS3 (Blackmoses).

With the 360 and PS3, that's almost $400 I could have spent on games. Yeah, some of the stuff is not neccessary (faceplate), but definately getting out of control.

Off subject, but $150 for the 360 steering wheel? My friend has it and it's great and all, but $150?

Mighty Boom4262d ago

Try Super paper Mario. Its a good game if you like the Mario games of old...

Ru4263d ago

Its truly sad the prices these thing sell at!

gooner4263d ago

all i need is fragfx,ps3 rumble and vga cable and my life is complete

PhinneousD4263d ago

THEY know we'll buy it. nintendo has always been accessory-happy, (do you recall the powerglove, superscope, mario paint mouse+pad, bongos, etc.). it's this generation where microsoft and sony has followed in the footsteps of the bigN.

IPlayGames4263d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

This mostly for the 360.

Since i bought it i had to buy: battery pack, Live, eithernet cable, controller.

wanted to buy: Live cam, wireless headset

For Ps3 the only thing i need to buy was HDMI cable and controller

Wanted to buy: Wireless keyboard but sense they changed the messaging from that useless cell phone style to a reg. keyboard style im second guessing that.

Dont have a Wii yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.