Guitar Hero II Patch... of DEATH?

If you own Guitar Hero II on your Xbox 360 console, there is a 99% chance that you've experienced the bane of having a broken Whammy Bar. You would have seen the "official" responses from Red Octane saying they are looking it to it and in the mean time avid GHII gamers found their own fix by tweaking the internal workings of the guitar.

Finally Red Octane have released a Software update that fixes the Whammy Bar issues across all models of the controller and haven rejoice sang all gamers across the universe.

Until of course people installed the patch…

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ChefDejon5777d ago

Ps2 guitar hero 2 is fine lol

Blackmoses5776d ago

your absolutely's just a port anyways....wink wink! Sony fans enjoyed this game last generation.

Firewire5777d ago

Ok let me get this straight! Play the game it could give you the Red Rings, get the patch for the whamy bar problem, and get the Red Rings! Why do people buy this console! 360 users should demand that MS replace every 360 out there with machines that don't break!
Don't let MS get away with this deffective console crap, and sorry its no 3% failure rate!

Lyberator5777d ago

Im so glad theres no blue lights on this console! Why does n4g even have a comments section?

InMyOpinion5776d ago

I think the "red rings of death" problem should be covered even if your warranty has expired as it's not the consumers fault if it happens. I love my 360 but this thing really bothers me. Makes me paranoid every time I play a new game...

Cell-R5770d ago

My Xbox 360 was one of those "broken" ones, although I fixed it by using a simple fix I found on the internet, involving a towel (yeah, it actually works).

Extra Guy5777d ago

99%? that sounds a little steep if you ask me, for any piece of equipment.

nice_cuppa5777d ago

this game and this patch have problems not the 360...
if anything microsoft should sue red octane for making dodgy games and patches that damage the console.

IPlayGames5777d ago

Can MS do anything without gettin red lights?

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The story is too old to be commented.