Wada: Nintendo Wii Can't Compete With PS3, Xbox 360

Yasuhiro Wada, creator of Harvest Moon, believes that "Wii cannot really compete against PS3 or Xbox 360? and that DS is its main competiton.

Wada is currently development director over at Rising Star Games and in a recent interview with Spong, was asked to give three pieces of advice to Nintendo to ensure that Wii continues to succeed.

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FordGTGuy4259d ago

If you own either the Xbox 360 or the PS3 you probably own a Wii to with one of them. Thats what makes this next gen war strange with Nintendo since most of the people buying the Wii are already owners of either Xbox 360 or PS3 or both.

FordGTGuy4259d ago

Most of Nintendos fanbase is also part of either the Xbox or Sony fanbase to.

BIadestarX4259d ago

I made it even + 1 agree... people disagree for for doing that.. happends to be all the time. You may have a few fans...

I guess people get confuse about how many console the wii is selling. They see the numbers and they think they wii will win this console war. I don't think the wii is even fighting the war. I compare the wii to a bicycle and the ps3 and the 360 to cars. More bicycles are sold than cars, we all know that. bicycles are fun and children love to ride. Heck from time to time adults like to go to the part with their families and have fun. bicycle are also good excercise and some people that have cars also have bikes. Never the less a bike can't replace a car, and I would hate having to ride my bike 60 miles a day to get to work in my bike. No thanks. Then again, I wouldn't give a 6 year old a car to drive, bicycle will do until he is old enough to handle a car. Metal Gear, Gears of war, Resistance, Halo3 when will you ever see games like that in the wii? Will the wiimote make games like that possible in that console? Can Gears or Resistance be made on the wii? Point, wii is fun.. but can't be compared to the PS3 or 360 no matter how many consoles they sell.

Babylonian4259d ago

your're absolutely right on that one. I myself will get a PS3 and a Wii just to play some Zelda.

FCOLitsjustagame4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

I think you are right when you say the Wii isn't even fighting the war. They are what they are but they are really not competing with the 360 or the PS3. For most gammers I know it's not whether to get one of the others or a Wii its whether they are even interested enough in the Wii to get it with one of the others.

EDIT: So its not that they "can't" compete, it's that they "choose" not to. They deny the battle.

OutpostCommand4259d ago

for the first time, I must say I agree with you.

Another comparision would be food.

The Wii is like a a bar of chocolate - everyone likes a bit of chocolate, but you cant live on it alove, or else...well, you will die.

The 360 is like Ribs - deny it or not, you will want some.

The PS3 is like a sunday roast - it is...uh...versatile, and has...many functions. It has a lot of everything.

Yes, I realize its a crappy comparison, but I hope you realise what im getting at.

One of the things which annoys me about this site however, is there are many immature people, and it is really off-putting.
For example, I think the 360 is a great machine. As is the PS3.
However, some of the idiots on this site cause me to make myself make it look like I hate the 360 just because of their idiocy. If some people were just more civilized we would live in brilliant times.

For example, Mart-
Why do you bother ? What did Sony ever do to you ? You show so much hate its rediculous - and for what ? To make yourself feel better about your purchase ? DUDE, you already have a great console - enjoy it ! Why waste time flaming people on these forums who are just checking the news, when you could be pwning people on XBL ?

I dont get it - it dawned on me about half a hour ago;

Seriously, im thrilled with my PS3. I do not need to be told "OMG Sony is evil" because they are not.
I do not need to be told "j00 f4gz0r - you wast3d £425 !!1" because I feel I didnt.
I dont need to have "PSN is teh sux !" because it isnt.

All the usual people, who waste time here, when they could be kicking backsides on XBL/PSN, why do you bother ?
Mart, Power Of Green, and all the others - why ?
No, seriously, ask yourself, "why ?"
Im no hippy, I sure as hell tell you - im a full on militarist, but dont you realize...? We are all gamers !
Why are we turning on each other ?
The real enemy is people like Jack Thompson, or the average idiot consumer who believes everything they read in the tabloid they buy daily.

If you have a PS3, then let me tell you, the 360 is not who you should be directing your hate on.
Same if you have a 360.
The fact is, both are brilliant machines, and incredibly capable-

The PS3 has a fantastic processor. Its unparalled - there is no processor more powerful, and there will not be for some time.
It also has a good GPU. Sure, the RSX isnt a 8800GTX in SLI, but coupled with Cell, it sure as hell isnt no slacker.

The 360, even though it has a somewhat less powerful processor, it isnt exactly a Pentium 2.
The 360s CPU pretty much pwns anything the PC market has to offer, much like the Cell, so its pretty powerful. Its also easier to work with than the Cell, so you will find the 360 will be getting better looking games until the PS3 programmers will learn how to master Cell.
To add to that, the 360 has a superior GPU to the PS3 to make up for the slightly less powerful CPU, so both consoles end up being on par with each other.

So, to sum up, BOTH CONSOLES ROCK !
Why hate on either ?

If you really want to hate on something though, and Mart, I recommend you read carefully, then hate on the Wii.
The Wii is posing a similar threat to the gaming industry like EA.
Not in the same sense, but in a similar threat level.
Do YOU want gimmicky controls to be standard on every console where you need to get a severe armache when settling down for some hardcore gaming ? Do YOU want 95% of games released to be childish, and typically 'lala land' ? I dont know about you, but i sure as hell DONT - I DEMAND my fix of Gears of War, and I THIRST for Metal Gear.

So, to put it simply, why hate on each other, fellow gamers ?
Hate on our REAL enemies, not each other.

ItsDubC4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Explain how something that brings gaming to a wider audience is threatening the industry.

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gta_cb4259d ago

whatever the case, i like the Nintedo Wii, and maybe in the future i mite buy one, or buy one for my lil brothers :D

sloth4urluv4259d ago

wii is fun, but I thought it was kinda obvious that it wasnt competing with the 360 or the PS3.

gta_cb4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

it is obvious which is why it isnt really news lol, although like someone else said i agree with him, i think its more of the case there choosing not to. i mean it came out after the 360 and they could have chosen to go for graphics aswell as next gen technology, rather then just next gen technology, but then it would probadly cost as much or more then a PS3 (weather or not they include a HD DVD or BluRay drive)

ItsDubC4258d ago

Wait, so you're saying that the nextgen technology in the Wii that differentiates it from the other consoles costs as much as or more than implementing Blu Ray support?

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