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Claudinho694972d ago

-DSi 40,464
-PSP 27,884
-Wii 19,386
-PS3 10,359
-Xbox 360 6,734
-DS Lite 5,531
-PS2 3,770

N4GAddict4972d ago

DSi 36,872
PSP 26,904
Wii 18,442
PS3 10,009
Xbox 360 8,015
DS Lite 5,408
PS2 3,498

Which one is right?

KingKionic 4972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

Well this is what i see.

Gun_Senshi4972d ago

They are so important for gamers!!!


Chubear4972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

...actually they are. Only oblivious gamers don't care about sales. You say you don't care about sales but the second your favourite game/s doesn't sell well enough for a sequel then you start fricking out cause that limits YOUR gaming experiences.

You think sales means nothing to a gamer? tell that to all those Sega DC supports that now pine for that console and the great gaming experiences it had. Can you imagine the great games that would have been on the Sega current gen console if it had good support back then from sales?

You tell me, what would happen if the 360 and PS3 only sold less than 2mill in 4 yrs and the wii sold at the rate it's selling now... yes, that's right, PS3/360 type gaming would be dead and all you got will be wii type gaming. Great if you love wii games, sucks major balls if you don't.

Sales matter a lot and that "...just play games" if spewed from just low minded simpletons that have no clue how the world works cause mommy and daddy still wipe their butts. How the hell can you "just play games" when you have no console to play them on or the games you enjoy don't do well commercially?

If sales don't matter to you then that's great but quit this type of condescending BS attitude towards the gamers that are interested in the financial well being of the industry.

Dead_Cell4972d ago (Edited 4972d ago )

I don't care for sales,and I'm far from "oblivious".
Please for the love of God,stop acting like gaming is some form of Elitist sect for you to flaunt your over-inflated superiority complex.
I play games for the pure enjoyment I get FROM the game,and that enjoyment isn't impaired by my knowledge of how well a game sells.
By your logic I'd much rather be that blissfully happy "oblivious gamer" who plays games for for the fun of it any day of the week than some sad sack who believes a games sales is of upmost importance to anyone but the developers.

Chubear4972d ago

Nobody is looking to be an "elitist". This is reality. Like I've said, if you dont' care about the financial side of the gaming industry then that's great for you but quit coming into topics about finances and then stating over and over again how you dont' care about sales and trying to be condescending to those that do.

You say you play games for enjoyment, then tell me, if you couldn't play games anymore or games you enjoy anymore, wouldn't that suck? wouldn't that be a loss to you in some manner? Ofcourse it would, so to many gamers that have seen great gaming products bite the dust and lived through the gaming industry almost dying off completely, we care about the financial side of things cause it helps us keep an eye on our loved hobby.

Nobody here tells you a game is better cause it sales instead they'll tell you the game they love need to sell decently in order for us to experience bigger and better versions of that gaming experience. If you can't understand this then your just a simpleton or young teenager. You don't have to care about sales but you dont' have to be ignorant about it either.

LittleBigSackBoy4972d ago

"Nobody here tells you a game is better cause it sales"

what site do you think you're on...

Jdoki4972d ago

Hardware sales only matter up to a point Chubear.

PS3, 360 and obviously the Wii have all sold enough units to ensure that developers have a very good chance of being profitable if they launch a quality game. So the weekly/monthly hardware sales totals now mean very little to us gamers in terms of the chance of our favourite game getting a sequel or whatever.

Plus, hardware sales numbers do not tell the whole story. Look at how many 3rd party developers have complained about profitability because only 1st party titles selling huge amounts on the Wii (with very few exceptions).

It could also be argued that the the type of consumer buying/playing on the hardware is of far bigger importance than overall hardware sales figures once you get in to the 10 and 20million units sold. For example, if you want to sell an RTS you are better suited to launching it on PC. If you are launching a kiddie orientated party game, the PC is probably not the platform!

cereal_killa4972d ago

Sales should only matter to the people who benefit from them Hardware Manufacturers, Developers, Publishers, Stock Holders etc,etc.

Chubear4972d ago

@ 2.6
come on dude, use your brain. When you pay 60 or rent a game you are invested in that game. You have made an investment towards more games like it.

YOU benefit from sales, don't you get it? Without your investment in gaming products Publishers, developers etc etc mean nothing. They don't exist without consumers investing in the product. Don't follow all this "I don't play consoles I play games" BS cause that's just young teenagers or dummies who just either don't give a toss about gaming much or just to young and dumb to comprehend business relationships with consumers and manufactures or providers of services.

I don't even know where to start with your comment but I'd be more than willing to continue the conversation in private via PM if you wish.

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