Hirokazu Hamamura: FFXIII and MGS 4 can help Microsoft outsell Sony

Yesterday Forever Fantasy posted a part of Hirokazu Hamamura's lecture in Tokyo, Japan. For those not aware, Hirokazu Hamamura is the president of Enterbrain, the publisher of popular Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Today another part has been published, in which Hirokazu Hamamura analyzes the current situation of the Xbox360 in Japan. He claims that Microsoft's Xbox360 isn't doing well like in North America, but that can change if Microsoft is to make high profile games like Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 that are currently PlayStation 3 exclusives go multiplatform.

If that happens, Hirokazu Hamamura says, the Xbox 360 will surely become a huge success in Japan: It will have the same highly anticipated PlayStation 3 titles, while being a much cheaper console.

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gta_cb4259d ago

but i dont think that those game would go multiplatform... just my opinion... but then again ace combat and other titles which were exclusive to PS3 have become multi, and Ace Combat i think was nearly changed to become an XBox 360 exclusive. So i guess anything could happen.

FordGTGuy4259d ago

Is because the lack of success neither Xbox 360 or PS3 have been getting in Japan and if the Xbox 360 were to get MGS4 and FFXIII they would have a fair chance surpassing the PS3 in Japan. I could really care if the Xbox 360 did get either of them but if anyone of them is a realistic title to go multiplatform it would have to be FFXIII the only way I see MGS4 coming to Xbox 360 is maybe 6-7 months after PS3 launch with a different name but the same game for instance MGS4:Liberty Sings(or some other name).

Says you4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

Considering Final Fantasy 11 was on the XBox 360 and it didnt sell that much since Final Fantasy 11 is on the PS2 it sold alot more than the XBox 360. and what are you talking about FordGTGuy PS3 is kicking XBox 360 ass in japan even though the Wii is out selling the PS3 and XBox 360.

FordGTGuy4259d ago

They could just buy for the console they already own. This is different because this one will not be on the PS2.

Shin_Akakage4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

FF11 didn't sell X360's in japan or anywhere for numerous reasons...

1.) because its OLD...very old. They released it on PS2 which clearly was the winner last generation and PC and it wasn't breakin the bank then.

2.) it sucked...especially the console version. I remember working at gamestop when it came one cared. It was bad....very bad. I won a copy played it....hated it...gave it away to a FF fiend..who also hated it. It just wasn't a good game.

3.) it wasn't traditional final fantasy. As bad as FF11 was when FF12 was released it sold like crazy. Because it was more like traditional FF games.

techie4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

FF will be coming to the 360.

MGS4 not so much.

But FF won't be ported...and it wont be XIII or Versus...

No exclusives will be lost

kamakazi4259d ago

yeah i cant wait for that to happen. SONY gets FF 13 AND VERSUS and the 360 gets another FF title, then we hear the fanboys clamoring, our FF is better than yours, no ours is. yup good times await us all.

techie4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

It will happen.

FF H******s

FordGTGuy4259d ago

this is who I think this guy is(look at the picture)

kewlkat0074259d ago

Thats a funny one..FordGTGuy, I agree to that and a bubble.

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The story is too old to be commented.