PS360 Controller: PS3 Sixaxis in Xbox360 Controller Case

Done on consignment, it's quite obviously PS3 Sixaxis controller guts in the [much better shaped] Xbox 360 controller shell. Check out a video of this thing in action, and read full article for more photos and details of how it was constructed.

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Babylonian4295d ago

The 360 contoller is nice, but it is definently not better shaped. The grip and the controls of the PS are much better in my opinion. But that's maybe cause I use it alot. I'm not dissing the 360 controller, I just think the PS controller is better.

MikeMichaels4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

While the 360 is more ergonomic, it kinda locks you into a set position. Ideal for some games but not for others.

...the SIXAXIS alows you to get "over" on the buttons makeing it feel better for many different game types.

Platformers, Sports...ect.

Marty83704295d ago

SixAxis controller is a miles better design/shape than the X360 controller.

gta_cb4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

well i wouldnt expect anything less from someone with your name...
i like the PS1/2 conroller, havnt held a PS3 controller hand as i have heard its lighter prob wont seem the same.

my 360 controler is good, not heavy, not to light, and dont get me wrong when i first got my XBox 360 i thought the conroler wouldnt be as good but seriously if you play on a 360 the conroller is really good, and a good design.

but getting back to the story, i personaly think the 360 would be better without the Sixaxis. i like it as it is.

P.S. funny pic with the PS logo where the X button is in the middle of hte controller.

Raist4295d ago

This endless argument is just stupid anyways, because it's a matter of personnal preferences (and maybe hand morphology). Personnaly I like Son'ys controllers design.

Back on topic, so how do you make 4 triggers work in a controller that has 2 ? :p

Sexius Maximus4295d ago

We'll the 360 has two triggers and two shoulder buttons, so even if the sizing is different, the number equals out.

FCOLitsjustagame4295d ago

The 360 controller has 4 triggers.

The 360 controller is miles better then the previous xbox controller and much better then any controller I was able to buy for my PC. I didn't really notice how much I liked the 360 controller until I went back to play my Xbox after playing the 360 then it was really obvious.

I have never really liked the feel of the PS controller but I didn't really play with it that much so, as you say, its a matter of preference and what you are used to.

I also don't really want my standard controller to have motion control. I wouldn't mind having a second controller made for specific games that have motion sensing but most games I want to play with a standard controller that is not dependant on motion. I shake the controller and move around sometimes and don't want that affecting my games.

I also am a big fan of force feedback. The newer PS controllers should have force feedback but it will be tricky to have a game with both Force Feedback and Motion Control since the Force Feedback could interfere or affect the motion control. Probably is possible, just trickey.

Jay da 2KBalla4295d ago

Naw, the playstation controller is too small and light for me. Feels kind of cheap. The 360 controller feels much better in my hands.

gooner4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

i can tell

edit:i dident mean what he said i mean his choice of words.
ps3 controller u get used to it in about a day of online resistance

Lyberator4295d ago

Hes def right. Ive played with it at best buy and it is prob the lightest controller ive held. Idk now that ive used the 360 controller for a year it seems like the playstation controllers are too small. I just cant get used to them when I pick them up again even though ive been playing with em' since the ps1.

T-Virus4295d ago (Edited 4295d ago )

The PS3 pad one has become the same that everyone knows and loves, but hardcore players (like myself)know the 360 pad has major advantages over the PS1/2/3/4/5(?) pads.

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